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    From the Island of Misfit Ukes!

    I am trying to clear out the collection and have four that I want to send back out into the world. All of these ukes have one or more issues which I will do my best to highlight and are priced accordingly. Normally when I sell, I am happy to offer refunds, but these are sold as is, no returns...
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    Kiwaya Rock Uke!

    This was a late night EBay impulse where I put in the minimum bid and no one else jumped in. That said, it is a delightful little thing. Sounds surprisingly good acoustic and is fun plugged in. It was “old stock”, so no previous owner, but the case shows some shopwear. Kiwaya doesn’t make...
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    Romero Creations Grand Tenor

    Just recently bought this on the forum and was delighted by it. Unfortunately I ran afoul of Luthier Thomas Rodriguez’s table at the Virginia Ukefest and need to put a few on the market to recoup the new investment. This is a solid mahagony low G tenor with a wonderful sound and playability...
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    Sapele KoAloha Opio Soprano

    I need to thin the herd before some new ukes arrive, so my KoAloha Opio Soprano is on the market. It was purchased from Mim last October, one of the last sapele sopranos out there before KoAloha switched to acacia for the Opios. It has the Mim setup and minimal play wear. Looking to get $300...
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    Outdoor Tenor and KoAloha Opio sapele soprano

    Outdoor Tenor has sold, I am giving the Opio it's own thread. I have some new ukes coming in and need to clear out a few to make room. I have a bottle brown Outdoor Tenor with a K&K twin pickup, gold tuners and fret dots, as well as an Opio soprano in the no longer available sapele. If there...
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    Koaloha Tenor with Baggs pick-up

    I am (I think) the third owner of this one. Has an installed LR Baggs pickup, battery changed about six months ago. New Worth clear strings. It is used, but still in nice condition as you see from the photos. I got a deal on it, so only asking $750 shipped to Continental U.S.
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    Cocobolo Concert

    Offering my much loved Cocobolo Concert for sale to fund a roof repair. (As Lennon and McCartney put it, "I'm fixing a hole where the rain comes in . . ." This is Concert number 262; through the bridge stringing, side port, strap button, and mother of pearl fretboard top markers. Will ship with...
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    Mya-Moe Figured Sycamore Tenor

    Almost new (January 2017) Mya-Moe Tenor Classic: . Upgrades include bear claw spruce top, peghead tuners, custom headstock, and K&K pickup. (Put this up for sale in April and let the post slide into obscurity because I wasn't sure...