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    Slide Ukulele?

    So I've been listening to a lot of Derek Trucks and Kike Hosty music lately. Their fantastic use of slide guitar got me wondering about slide ukulele. Does anybody have any ideas or info on the subject? I know nothing. Thanks, Trevor
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    First Four Cigar Box Ukes

    Hey guys. Below are some pics of my first four cigar box Ukes. The tone has improved with each one, but the first one looks the best I think. I experimented with wood burning the top of the latest one. It's a Christmas gift for a musician friend of mine.
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    Kamaka Cigar Box Uke

    Hello friends. I make the occasional cigar box Uke and I remembered seeing one of the kamaka brothers playing one on that PBS special last year. When the googled it I found this link with some background on them. There is even a sound sample video. I'll post the link below. Anyway I thought you...
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    Potential tsunami headed to Hawaii and other areas.

    8.1 earthquake in the Soloman Islands. Be careful friends.
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    Martin 5k?

    Have any of you folks owned or played a Martin 5k? If so what do you think? With a suggested retail of over $5k I would hope they are spectacular. Let's hear your experience with them.
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    How many?

    I made another cigar box Uke this week. So make that 17 total with 12 currently. ;-). I tuned it to D tuning.
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    Opinions on walnut top/soundboard?

    Hey Uu'ers, I have experience with lots of different solid top woods from Koa to mahogany to spruce and so on. But to the best of my knowledge I have never even played a solid walnut topped Uke. In a similar vein to the cedar thread going, all other things being equal, what qualities and...
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    Epiphone ukulele?

    What info might you folks have about Epiphone branded Ukes. I have one available to me but I don't know much about them and the interwebs is a little sparse on the subject. I really want to know when they were most recently made and such.
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    Hall of Fame Uke Videos...

    Hello Friends, I would like your help. I am teaching an Intro to Uke class for our Home School Co-op. At the beginning of each class, to get the kids excited, I am going to show a short YouTube video of a great or interesting Ukulele performance. The first one I am doing this Monday will be...
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    Wild Child ...

    There was a music festival in Bricktown in Oklahoma City on Friday. There was a great band from Austin who played before the wonderful Parker Millsap. The band is called Wild Child. They were folky, rocky, or well, maybe "Austiny" would better describe them. They had a uke player and vocalist...
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    Uhh? I guess this would get some comments...

    You could have the most unique uke at your club/group meeting. http://
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    Posting sound clips?

    Ok folks, I'm not very computer savvy. I downloaded the soundcloud app but I can't find where or how to upload a sound sample. Also is there not a way to just post it to this site if it's a small clip? Thanks. Trevor
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    E.J. Henderson Ukuleles...

    Has anyone ever owned or played an EJ Henderson Uke? She is the daughter of the renowned luthier Wayne Henderson. If you have heard in person or preferably owned or played one of her ukes please chime in. Of course anyone else is welcome to chime in as well. I love this place. Trevor
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    Yet another string ? Baritone lava?

    Has anyone tried the Lava Aquila in DGBE tuning for Baritone? What did you think? What about the lavas for other scales? I almost asked this on the other active baritone string thread but I didn't want to hijack. Thanks. Ukie
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    Rubin Ukes -> Caramel Ukes

    Sure. Here are some iPhone pics from the shop yard.
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    What about Eastern Red Cedar?

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone trying Easter Red Cedar as a tonewood? E.T.A. Years ago I had a turkey call business with my dad. We made all of our calls out of Eastern red cedar because it sounded the best and was usually pretty.
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    Any Branson Ukulele Shops?

    Ok so here is the update on Cedar Creek Dulcimers. This place was open despite the wind and snow. This is a really near place. They make wonderful mountains Dulcimers as well as other folk instruments. The gentleman working was knowledgeable and friendly and gladly demonstrated the instruments...
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    Any Branson Ukulele Shops?

    Ok so here is an update in case anyone else finds themselves in Branson wondering where to find some ukes to check out. I have found two places so far with ukuleles. First is inside the Apple Tree Mall which is like a flea market with lots of booths. However you pay all at the front and most...
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    Problem with baritone strings coming unwound...

    Hey folks, So the last two sets of baritone strings I have put on have come unwound on the third after only one to two weeks. I didn't used to have this problem, but I have started playing a lot more blues with a lot of bends. The local shop only had two different types of d'addarios. Do...
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    Any Branson Ukulele Shops?

    I will be in Branson, MO soon and of course I would like to oust after some ukes. Do any of you folks know of any good music shops with a good Uke selection in Branson?