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    Price increases

    I hadn't thought about that -- wow, a lot of inventory may be ruined.
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    Price increases

    With inflation at a 30 year high it is no wonder that uke prices are going up. Every time I see photos of all the ships sitting out in the ocean that can't dock and unload in CA I wonder how many ukes are out there floating around.
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    Ukulele Instruction

    A reasonable solution might be to carve out 15 minutes or so either right before the jam or right after and let all the "teaching" be done then, for those who are interested.
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Great explanation, thanks! I lost my "spam guilt" a few years ago at work. I bit on a spam email to my work account, and had to get the IT department to ditch the account and set up a new one. I apologized to the IT dude for my dumb mistake, and he told me to not worry about it as 8 of the...
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    When you see or reply an old thread, please check if it's bumped by spammer

    Thanks for the explanation. I plead guilty to having replied, but won't any more. What in the world does a spammer gain by bumping a years old thread in the ukulele forum?
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    Magic Flea sound

    I am really intrigued by the Magic Fluke and seriously considered buying one as a starter uke. I'll pass along what I came up with from my research. There are a lot of MF lovers, but there are also some who don't much care for them. I didn't come across any complaints about the tone. The...
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    'Best' Keys for Song Circles, your opinions please

    I don't sing so to me personally the key doesn't really matter, but in my group the men singers seem to prefer G and the females C. Some of our songs are in both keys and one night we'll use one key and another night the other key.
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    U bass - looking for a recommendation

    I'll be interested in seeing what replies you get as I've flirted with getting a UBass and am still interested. From what I've read online and seen on YouTube, one of the biggest factors is whether to get the poly strings or metal strings. There are love/hate relationships with both and it...
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    Beginners should just buy from Amazon

    I've heard the "send back the duds before they get to customers" said before in other threads. I'm curious how it is known that actually happens?
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    To add to your confusion, here is a discussion of price levels:
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    I would encourage you to do some searches and read through various threads, especially the ones focused on specific ukes you are interested in -- you will see some patterns start to emerge, and you will get more of a handle on where your personal preferences lie. I consider the salient features...
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    Increased Shipping Costs

    Slower service for a higher cost sounds like a Washington DC plan if I ever heard one!
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    What's your favorite ukulele body size? why?

    After a limited audition of the 3 body sizes tenor seemed to be the clear standout so that's what I bought. Since my wife has abandoned her soprano I find that I end up playing it a lot more than my tenor. Even though the tenor isn't really large, the soprano is just more convenient to grab...
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    Travel Dangers

    Glad your Bonanza is OK! To me that is a very intriguing brand. I've seen some wild things on plane flights, such as a woman yanking a big, heavy suitcase out of the overhead, losing control, and dropping it right on the head of another passenger. Very lucky that that didn't result in a...
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    Interesting Article about Great Store Closing

    Well I'm glad that you tossed it out as I enjoyed hearing it! I also enjoyed the story about this store in LA and it is sad to see it go under, but like a lot of other things it just seems to be inevitable change.
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    Interesting Article about Great Store Closing

    Interesting comment, and first time I've heard an advanced player say that. I know that I sure can see bigger differences than I can hear when comparing uke to uke.
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    Interesting Article about Great Store Closing

    Nice article. I wonder what model UBass Nikki Sixx bought?
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    Water Resistant For Pacific Northwest Misty Winters

    Sounds like the OU will be a really good fit for you! I like the Friluftsliv, even though I can't pronounce it ...... or much less, spell it!
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    Water Resistant For Pacific Northwest Misty Winters

    I probably play the soprano OU more than my tenor; it's a really nice little instrument. Several in my uke group have recently shown up with Nova U's. I played one briefly and was impressed. It definitely seemed louder than the OU but hard to tell for sure without them side by side. The neck...
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    36 vs 38mm Nut ?

    As a fellow beginner, I'll try to answer from a beginner perspective. The different widths definitely provide a different feel, so the best thing to do is hop on over to your local ukulele store and play a whole bunch of different ukes with different nuts/spacing and ...... wait, you don't have...