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  1. AndrewHardel

    Goosebumps Theme

    My friend Steven brought back some spooky 90s nostalgia! 👻
  2. AndrewHardel

    4 Spooky Melodies!

    Here are 4 spooky melodies that I wrote to celebrate Halloween. Which one is your favorite? 👻
  3. AndrewHardel

    Free Technique and Theory Lessons

    How to Write an Original Song on Ukulele - In this session, you’ll learn how to write an original chord melody.
  4. AndrewHardel

    A Beautiful Classical Etude

    Here's my friend, Steven playing a gorgeous etude by Francisco Tárrega :)
  5. AndrewHardel

    Short & Sweet Baritone Song

    Here's my latest original! A thumb etude for baritone ukulele :)
  6. AndrewHardel

    Moondance - Ukulele & U-Bass Duet

    My friends did an awesome ukulele & u-bass duet on Van Morrison's "Moondance" :)
  7. AndrewHardel

    Fingerstyle take on Blue Moon

    Here's my friend, Steven playing a beautiful take on "Blue Moon" :)
  8. AndrewHardel

    Free Technique and Theory Lessons

    Chord Progressions Explained - In this session, you’ll learn what a chord progression is and why some sound more interesting than others.
  9. AndrewHardel

    Fingerstyle take on Moon River

    Here's my friend, Matt playing a beautiful take on "Moon River" :)
  10. AndrewHardel

    I Wrote an Instrumental Funk Song on Ukulele!

    I love this genre! So much fun to play 😁
  11. AndrewHardel

    Bluegrass Duet for Clawhammer Ukulele & Baritone

    My friend, Christopher did a really fun version of "Cripple Creek" :)
  12. AndrewHardel

    A Beautiful Venezuelan Waltz for Low G & Baritone Ukulele

    This was a fun one to arrange for duet! :D
  13. AndrewHardel

    My friend wrote the most relaxing Fingerstyle song for Baritone Ukulele

    Love the vibes in this tune :D
  14. AndrewHardel

    Original Fingerpicking Song

    My friend, Matt wrote a beautiful fingerpicking song :D
  15. AndrewHardel

    Motown Medley with a Full Band!

    My talented friends got together to play some of the greatest songs from the 60's :D
  16. AndrewHardel

    Behind Blue Eyes (Fingerstyle)

    My talented friend, Matt did an awesome take on this classic tune :D
  17. AndrewHardel

    My Latest Original Fingerstyle Piece (Hawaiian Inspired Waltz)

    Hi guys! Here's my latest original, inspired by the spirit of aloha :D
  18. AndrewHardel

    Fingerstyle Take on Summertime (George Gershwin)

    Here's my friend, Steven playing one of my favorite melodies! :D
  19. AndrewHardel

    A Fingerstyle Take on Summertime Blues

    My friend, Matt did a really cool take on this classic summer song :cool: