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  1. UkeOkay

    Seeking any advise or experiences with these ukulele bass purchase options - Kala KA-UBASS-FS or Kala Rumbler or aNueNue Koa Fretless

    SUS sells them, or at least they did (currently out of stock). While they are certainly not close to you, it might be worth contacting them and asking for their honest opinion. SUS has a very good reputation and you could trust them. Then again, you can't really go wrong with a Kala...
  2. UkeOkay

    Seeking any advise or experiences with these ukulele bass purchase options - Kala KA-UBASS-FS or Kala Rumbler or aNueNue Koa Fretless

    I have two Kala UBasses, BTW. A solid body SUB and an acoustic Scout.
  3. UkeOkay

    Seeking any advise or experiences with these ukulele bass purchase options - Kala KA-UBASS-FS or Kala Rumbler or aNueNue Koa Fretless

    I didn't know aNueNue made u basses. Based on the quality of their ukuleles, I would think this model would be a worthy competitor to a Kala. I've been considering a fretless, and I'll put this on my list of models to research.
  4. UkeOkay

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    This thread reminds me of a scene from "My Dinner with Andre" where Andre talks about a place where the refrigerator, stove and other appliances are given proper names, since you would treat them with respect and care if they were named, just as you treat your wife and children with respect...
  5. UkeOkay

    Ralph Shaw's Newsletter

    If you are not subscribed already, I highly recommend Ralph Shaw's (free) Newsletter. He writes about entertaining, education and travel - mostly ukulele related, but not entirely. It's always a good day when it arrives in my inbox. His latest is about amplification and audiences...
  6. UkeOkay

    NUD: OMG the Lion is so very very ORANGE!

    @shanmoon You have more aNueNue's than any retail outlet I know of!
  7. UkeOkay

    Did anyone else name their ukulele?

    It was hard enough coming up with name for our new puppy. Finding names a 8 ukes seems like too much effort.
  8. UkeOkay

    Best string brand for beginner???

    My recommendation for one's first non-Aquila strings has always been to try a set of Martin M600's. They sound good, are reasonably priced, and can often be found at your local music store. After that, if you then decide you like the fluorocarbon sound, then there is a vast world of variations...
  9. UkeOkay

    Travel Dangers

    @Graham Greenbag my uke was leaning up against hers. I kept a watchful eye on it until the compartment was closed. This limited the water to the lower half of the bag. If it looks like I will be traveling often, which may be the case with my new job, I will certainly get something more sturdy...
  10. UkeOkay

    Travel Dangers

    I recently flew with my Bonanaza Homestead concert. I had it in a thickish padded case. The first leg was a short flight on a turboprop - thankfully just 20 min, as when I took it out of the overhead bin the lower half was quite wet, not soaking wet thank goodness, but worrisome nonetheless. It...
  11. UkeOkay

    What chords is this guy playing?

    Wow. That song is a blast from the past.
  12. UkeOkay

    String stretching “tricks”?

    In my experience, some of the initial few days adjustments are due to the need to gradually tighten up the windings around the tuning peg and at the saddle. There can be a significant length of string that take a while for the tension to reach after going round significant bends. Rubbery...
  13. UkeOkay

    Aloha . Beginner Baritone .

    Oh, and you will benefit from having the uke properly set up. The baritone I first had came with very high action at the neck.
  14. UkeOkay

    Aloha . Beginner Baritone .

    Welcome to the UU forums @kaimuki . I don't spend much time on the baritone, but I would advise not worrying too much about getting a solid wood instrument. Baritones with solid tops and laminate sides and back can sound very nice at very reasonable prices.
  15. UkeOkay

    awaiting moderator approval

    Well, it looks like some posts are getting approvals now (thank you whoever is working behind the curtain). I had originally started this thread with my old account on Sept 1st. The first comment didn't appear until the 12th. Seeing as I'm lazy, I'll probably just stick with this new account...
  16. UkeOkay

    Ukuleles in video games

    I’m not much of a video game player, but this was interesting to see. A game featuring a ukulele playing character.
  17. UkeOkay

    Bass Preamp???

    There are a lot of good tips in that video. I have respect for Adam Neely, especially. Though I mostly watch him and his fellow YouTubers’ videos about composing.
  18. UkeOkay

    Bass Preamp???

    I prefer it amplified, though I as my playing improves Im starting to really notice the intonation being off the further I adventure past the 5th fret. I still consider myself a beginner - I’m mostly practicing walking bass (roots, fifths, and third mostly) - and have a long way to go. Somehow...
  19. UkeOkay

    Need Help With Technique I Think

    You might want to consider using a strap. The latest UU podcast discusses the strap/no-strap debate.
  20. UkeOkay

    Bass Preamp???

    I'm the original poster. I've had to create a new account as all my comments using @rorym are "awaiting moderator". I ended up finding a older, small, Fender Rumble 15 on the FB Marketplace. It was being sold by the daughter of a family friend, so I at least knew it was well taken of. This...