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  1. BigJackBrass

    Snark tuner improvement

    It looks like Snark have basically gone for the same fix that I did :D This has held for several years now.
  2. BigJackBrass

    What was the last uke you bought? And what uke are you planning to buy next?

    Hadn't planned to buy another instrument just yet, but Jimmy Egypt had a soprano Firefly banjolele at a good discount and I've had one of those on my list for a while. Since I had a spare set of Neck Illusions stickers for a Flea I decided to apply those, although they're a couple of frets...
  3. BigJackBrass

    My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii - Low G tab?

    EDIT: Thanks everyone, no longer looking for this.
  4. BigJackBrass

    Tenors - Variation in ease of fretting?

    They say that there are no stupid questions, which I generally take as a challenge: Typically I play soprano. I have one concert, a Kiwaya, which is lovely but the longer scale makes it difficult for me to stretch my fingers and quickly form, say, an Fm chord. It's not a huge problem and I...
  5. BigJackBrass

    Half price PUBE

    Jim D'Ville seems to be either streamlining or revising his Play Ukulele by Ear series, so until next month he has a number of instructional videos at half price, i.e. USD10, after which they will be discontinued. Not all of the prices had been changed on the product page when I looked, but they...
  6. BigJackBrass

    Today in eBay Ukulele Typos

    Some cleanup may be required...
  7. BigJackBrass

    Music from Hawaii: what are the rest of us missing?

    Thanks to the Internet, global shipping and sites like Bandcamp it's much easier than it used to be to get hold of recordings from regional artists and people without major label contracts. Even so, it's not always straightforward, particularly in cases where digital distribution hasn't been...
  8. BigJackBrass

    The Magic Fluke Company Appreciation thread

    I did the same. Impressed with how durable they are too.
  9. BigJackBrass

    NUD: Hurrah! NUD: Boo!

    It's easy to argue that I don't strictly need another ukulele, but I dislike arguments so this morning a parcel arrived from Southern Ukulele Store in Bournemouth, patiently ignored until I finished work, then carefully opened to reveal an Ohana SK-50WG. Not a high-end or exotic instrument, but...
  10. BigJackBrass

    Buying friction pegs in the UK

    Picking up a set of Grover 4B tuners was something I expected to be simple, but it seems that outlets are limited and prices rather higher than they ought to be. Southern Ukulele Store sell Grovers but the price has shot up (we're used to paying over the odds when compared with America but not...
  11. BigJackBrass

    friction tuners, how do you like them?

    I have a couple of sets of these (hugely indulgent, they cost a fortune once you add in the overseas shipping, import duty etc).
  12. BigJackBrass

    Songbooks missing half the songs

    My musical knowledge and ability are fairly basic, so I appreciate arrangements and presentations of songs made with the ukulele in mind. The problem I frequently encounter is that the popular books seem to omit much of the actual song, sometimes being little more than the chorus. Jim Beloff's...
  13. BigJackBrass

    Supporting ukulele musicians: Bandcamp Fridays

    Today is another in the recent run of Bandcamp Fridays, when Bandcamp gives its usual cut of sales to the musicians. There's more information via that link, along with a calendar showing future Bandcamp Friday events. There's a lot of excellent stuff on the site (often available as FLAC...
  14. BigJackBrass

    Woodpecker Instruments?

    I can't comment on their products, but this caught my eye on Twitter:
  15. BigJackBrass

    Removing a musty smell from a uke

    Do any of you have experience in removing musty smells from a ukulele? I have a solid mahogany soprano which, due to unexpected circumstances, sat in its case for a couple of years and has developed a noticeable, although not overpowering, odour. There are no signs of mould or similar...
  16. BigJackBrass

    How do you discover new tunes?

    The obvious ways of finding new songs you want to try are probably buying a book with an assortment of tunes and giving the unfamiliar ones a go, or hearing something on an album or the radio and tracking down the music (or copying by ear if you have that skill). When I was part of the Levy...
  17. BigJackBrass

    Published books of complete vintage songs?

    Following up on the 70 Years of Popular Music suggestion, I ordered the four volumes of 1920s tunes and one for 1900-1920, all of them at bargain prices from secondhand booksellers. Two have arrived so far and they're exactly what I was hoping to find: clearly presented collections with...
  18. BigJackBrass

    Ukulele Picks

    Have you seen these plastic plectrums available from World of Ukes?
  19. BigJackBrass

    Published books of complete vintage songs?

    I've a particular fondness for Tin Pan Alley, Ragtime and similar songs from the Edwardian era through to the start of WWII, often considered to include many of the tunes most associated with the ukulele. These are songs you'll have heard covered by all manner of artists, including Cliff...
  20. BigJackBrass

    I'd like to thank… but I can't

    After dipping my toes into the ukulele waters some years back my life encountered a period of unexpectedly turbulent conditions, physical upheaval and mental health combining to keep me away from the instrument until only a matter of weeks ago. Now I'm actually feeling enthused again and, more...