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    Can anyone help identify this ukulele?

    Look up Cavaquinhos and Braguinhas. From Portugal and South America.
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    What Guitalele should I buy?

    If you just want to see if you like a guitarlele enough, without a large outlay, look at the Yamaha GL1. It is a plywood instrument that has been in production a long time and is made on the island of Java in Indonesia. They still retail for a very low price. You can find videos by Dr Bekken...
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    Chord shape using extra strings

    On a guitarlele tuned A to A, you can play 200xxx (B D G xxx) and have a nice low G chord you play on a down stroke, where it is not very hard to hit the three low strings and stop the downstroke, or move the pick or plectrum or finger away from the strings. The voicing of this chord is not too...
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    Borrow an ‘Ukulele! from Hawaii Public Library

    Watch the video.
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    Borrow an ‘Ukulele! from Hawaii Public Library

    From 30 Sep 2021 when the Library was launched with a video featuring Jake Shimabukuro.
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    There was a time when humans ate their food in their fingers. Then someone made a fork and a spoon (maybe not at the same time) and they probably tried a few designs until they worked out what we use today, even though there are many brands of spoons and forks, most of them are very similar in...
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    A Gift for the Spring Festival

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    A Ukulele Sighting

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    Another Australian Ukulele Talent

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    Radio JJJ Unearthed Baritone Player

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    Jake interview

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    Impact of Exchange Rates on Uke Prices

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    For Students of Math and Stringed Instruments

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    Cement mixer Liberace Slim Gaillard

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    Makala Dolphin "Blowhole"

    Makala Dolphin Sound Port Time expired
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    Uke Painting

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    Travelling to Cairns - Passengers?

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    Physics of Music

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    Playing in Your New Uke

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    New Member Introduction

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