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    FS: Ono 18

    FS: Ono Update 23 MAR- tried to edit my post and it was erased, not sure if it’s an iPad problem or website issue. Will try and remember what was written on original post. For sale is an Ono “Wahoo” Tenor with Adirondack Spruce top and Amazon Rosewood back and sides. Truly an amazing ukulele...
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    FS: Ono 18

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    FS: Kanile'a Aldrine Signature Custom Tenor

    Hi everyone, this listing might not stay up long because I may change my mind haha, but I have my sights on know how that goes... For sale is a Kanile'a Aldrine Guerrero Signature Custom tenor uke: amazing figured koa from "Log 50," Gilbert Tuners, Bird's Eye Maple rosette...
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    Long Term Tonerite reports?

    Hey everyone, I've been curious about trying a Tonerite for awhile now and have read/heard good reviews, but some of the so-so reviews have kept me from moving forward... So does anyone that has one and liked it originally still use it and still recommend one? Thanks!
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    New Aquila Aldrine Signature Strings?!

    Has anyone seen this yet? I somehow stumbled upon Aldrine's facebook page announcing them while searching for something else, here's the link to Aquila's site: In a separate post someone had asked about the diameters and...
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    Oahu Fiberglass Tenor case review

    I know Ukulele Eddie already submitted a great review of the leather wrapped Oahu case but I wanted to continue the praise for them with my review of the non-leather version. I was having a hard time finding a new hard case for my tenor, a Kanile'a with a slotted headstock. The main problem was...
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    Crying Skies- Andrew Molina's The Beginning

    Just wondering if anyone has picked this up yet? I'm close, but not quite there....great song though!
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    Taimane's "La Petite Fille De La Mer" ?

    One of my favorites is Taimane's cover of "La Petite Fille De La Mer" (original by Vangelis)….has anyone learned how to play it already or know if it's in standard tuning low G? There is a youtube video of her playing it live…If I learn before anyone else I'll do my best to put up the tab...
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    WTT: Collings UT2K for….

    Might regret doing this, but I've got an itch to play something new/different and I'm interested in trading for a comparable Mya-Moe or selling outright (or possibly Blackbird Farallon if someone isn't bonding...). Would prefer master grade koa or myrtle…standard or cutaway My Collings is in...
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    FS/FT: Collings UT2K

    Good Morning! For your consideration is an amazing condition Collings UT2K (Tenor/Koa) Uke. I am the second owner of this uke and as you can see the previous owner changed out the Peghead tuners for open-geared Gotohs- to be honest, not sure if that was an improvement but he seemed to think so...