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    Ain't No Sunshine pentatonic scales

    That scale will change your life! I love that the uke tuning (open strings GCEA) all fall into that scale. It makes it somewhat "bullet proof". If you learn that scale and put your fingers anywhere there are notes in the pent. scale, it will sound great in any combination when finger picked. For...
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    Please Post Photos and Stories of Your Rare or Unusual Ukuleles

    All of mine are weird! I build them from Cigar Boxes. This one has a full size Fender Strat headstock on it. The box was beat up really bad, so I made it a "relic". I aged it with only coffee, bourbon, and cigar ash... I even added a cigar burn similar to Eddie Van Halen's (on famous red...
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    Hello from Kentucky

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm Ken, or "Kenny Wayne" (the builders name I use to build Cigar Box Ukuleles under the Kentucky Mojo name). I am a musician of over 38 years, playing guitar, bass, drums, piano, harmonica and UKULELE! I have been playing the uke for about 5 years steady now...