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    WTB Kamaka HP-1 Deluxe

    Anyone have a std length Kamaka pineapple soprano Deluxe they want to sell? Let me know.
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    Marton 1930's like new condition - best you will find in a long while

    Looking to sell this Martin - plays as you would expect from a fine Martin. Really looks like it has never been played in its entire life. $700 or best offer - need the space for new Uke's so make me an offer. Looking for payment via PayPal. Check the link below for pictures...
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    Sopranos for sale Kanilea, Ko'oulau and Martin

    Hi, Martin still available - two K's are sold. Make me an offer on the Martin if you want it. I decided I needed to try all of the "K" brand sopranos. I find myself mainly playing Kamaka and Koaloha instruments so am trimming the collection. I have a old Style 2 Martin that I am keeping, the...
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    New Martin - 1950's like new

    I picked up this Martin on ebay - was described as mint and really does not seem to have been used. Very happy with this, closest you can get to getting a bran new Martin series 1. Came with original cardboard box that had a tuning pipe, some strings and some news paper clippings about Stamford...
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    WTB - Koolau Soprano

    Hi - Looking for a Koolau Soprano (Not Pono) - let me know if you have one for sale. I have a delivery address in Australia and USA so which ever is closer for you.
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    Kanile'a soprano with pickup issue

    I bought a second hand Kanile'a (soprano Deluxe) looks great but it seems to sound a bit dead. The action has been set to 1.5mm - I have shimmed with a strip of credit card and this has improved things - but action is still too low and I guess a layer of plastic under the saddle does not help...
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    Trimming a head stock?

    Got round to making a fabric bag for the Kala - now slips into my overnight bag for travel!
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    Soprano Uke commission

    Hi All, I am looking to commission a Soprano Uke. The only brief I am looking for is below. I have provided an example picture but am open to any design that fills the brief. Let me know if you would be interested in building such an instrument for me. 1. Std Soprano scale length (Martin...
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    Ohana super Sopranissimo - Neck conversion

    The bridge will need to be right near the end of the body, was thinking to do strings though the body - but on tip rather than through the face - then use a wood extention to wrap the stings to the bridge. Or could use a tail piece something like this. This will be a franken uke for sure...
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    Strings with highest tension

    When tuning a Sopranino to std GCEA (all I can play right now) the string tension is very low/slack. Best results I have had are from Worth BM's. Can anyone suggest other strings that would result in higher string tension while sticking with GCEA tuning. I have tried the Aquila mini use...
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    Ohana Sopranissimo neck replacement

    Hello learnerd Luthiers. My last task was to shorten a Kala travel uke. Today I looked at the Ohana Sopranissimo that I have up for sale - Only reason I am selling is that I like to play std soprano scale. So my thought was would it be possible to remove the neck on the Sopranissimo and...
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    Ohana super Sopranissimo - Neck conversion

    My last task was to shorten a Kala travel uke. Today I looked at the Ohana Sopranissimo that I have up for sale - Only reason I am selling is that I like to play std soprano scale. So my thought was would it be possible to remove the neck on the Sopranissimo and install a std Soprano scale...
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    Trimming a head stock?

    Thanks for the kind words. I spaced the tuners so they would not extend outside of the edge of the headstock. There is plenty of space between then (pic below). I will put some sort of finish on - I just wanted to string it up first and make sure all played OK. Was thinking just some sort of...
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    Trimming a head stock?

    OK so.... Cut some dowel plugs, glued in holes from geared tuners, sanded, used glue and saw dust to fill any gaps and tuner screw holes, chopped off 45mm, drilled and counter sunk for tiny Waverly friction tuners, all fitted together. All clearances and angles seem OK - plays fine. Was 20.7"...
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    FS - Ohana O'Nino Mahogany Sopranissimo

    *** will take offers on this if anyone wants it *** For sale like new solid mahogany Ohana O'Nino Sopranissimo. Current strung with special Aquila strings GCEA but one octave high. Also plays well with std GCEA with soprano worth BM's or similar. Just a bit too small for me. Never really...
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    FS - Martin C1k like new

    Got a Martin C1k to sell. Like new. I bought about a year ago has been played for a few hours. I now prefer to play my soprano. Comes with the Martin gig bag. Strung with worth BM's. Will include a couple of sets of Martin strings also (new in pack). Is located in Melbourne Australia - sell...
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    Trimming a head stock?

    Silly question? I have a kala travel uke. It has a longish headstock. Could I trim the top off the head stock? Or would this cause the head to break or ruin the sound. Just want to make it a bit shorter for travel.
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    Martin C1K to trade

    Martin C1K to trade (pics added) I have a modern C1K that I bought new about a year ago. Played for 5-6 hours only. Comes with Martin gig bag and Worth BM strings. Is in perfect condition not a ding or scratch on it. I now like to play Soprano's. Looking to trade this for an interesting...
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    Is this Martin Koa or Mahogany?

    Looking for an expert opinion. Is this old Martin Koa or Mahogany. I thought it was M but seems too light in color and the grain seems different. S1 on the left for reference (new Mahogany).