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  1. Youkalaylee

    Pain when switching from d to g repetitively

    Been learning to play I'm a beliver. A good part of the song is switching from d to g then back again (mainly the chorus). Doing this quickly over and over is giving me muscle pain in my forearm and wrist. I've tried relaxing my arm but its no good. Advice?
  2. Youkalaylee

    It wasn't my fault, it was UAS (new uke ordering day!)

    So anyway I was browsing this forum this morning and read a thread about UAS. Unfortunately this resulted in reinfection of the UAS-virus which led me to eBay, and when I saw a Kala Ukadelic for £49 ($74) I just couldn't resist. Unbeknownst to me my finger had selected the buy button before I...
  3. Youkalaylee

    Stating country of seller in ukulele marketplace threads please

    Now I know this is an American-based site, but some marketplace sellers on here aren't stating what country they're selling from explicitly in the OP. It's especially frustrating when currency isn't stated, they say they won't ship internationally, and their location isn't listed in member...
  4. Youkalaylee

    28 days later theme? ("in the house - in a heartbeat" by John murphy)

    Here's a link to the song on youtube - It's played on guitar originally, tried googling and looking myself but can't find the tab for ukulele. Is there a way I can convert the guitar tab? Can anyone help with this? Thanks :)
  5. Youkalaylee

    How to get used to playing dotted notes?

    I'm working through mark nelson's fingerstyle book and I'm now on "all through the night". There are dots after the notes, so what's the best way to practice these and ensure I'm on time? I've been using a metronome so far on my iPad. So lets the notes are quarter with dot, then half note, I...
  6. Youkalaylee

    My fingers won't stay at a good angle doing Bb

    As you can see my forefinger won't stay straight. My fingers all actually bend inwards towards my middle finger, which is the only straight one. So my forefinger and ringfinger rotate from the middle knuckle inwards. This means my fingers look like that when doing Bb. When I try to form it while...
  7. Youkalaylee

    Fingerpicking question about slides

    I'm working my way through mark nelson's fingerpicking book, and I'm on the more complicated arrangement for twinkle twinkle little star involving hammer ons, slides, etc. When it asks for a slide, obviously I pluck the first note of the slide, but when it tells me to say pluck the 2nd string...
  8. Youkalaylee

    New uke day! Eleuke Peanut + Honeytone Amp

    So I got my Eleuke peanut today! Along with the cutest amp ever! Actually happy with it. The peanut appears to be the marmite of the ukulele world. Some people really hate it and others don't. For the money I'm happy with mine. I'd heard a few had issues with the strings not sounding at...
  9. Youkalaylee

    Pokemon game music?

    After seeing aldrines video here - I really want to learn at least part of it. Yet I can't find the tab. The only website that looks promising is only accessible in the USA ( Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Youkalaylee

    Funny/Embarrassing ukulele related stories?

    I created this thread because I initially wanted to share my embarrassment with people who know how I feel, but then thought hey I'm sure other people have similar stories so why not ask for them at the same time? So here's mine. About a week ago my partners family came to visit as they were in...
  11. Youkalaylee

    I love ukulele! Major achievement day! :D thanks to everyone at UU!

    Just gotta lot of love for the instrument right now. Today I managed to play and sing one of my all-time favourite songs, in time, at the right speed and it feels like such a major achievement I'm really happy! First time I've ever done that with an instrument! :D I had been really struggling...
  12. Youkalaylee

    Fingerpicking technique?

    I bought mark nelson's fingerstyle solos for ukulele book and I'm working my way through it. I haven't yet mastered the beginning section regarding the f and g scales as I found it too hard as I'm not great at barring. I haven't given up on learning those, I just practice them through best I can...
  13. Youkalaylee

    Need a cheap electric uke preferably with a headphone socket... Peanut?

    My partner works a lot of nights. We live in a small flat with neighbours both sides and below, one who has young children so some weeks I miss several days of playing as I can't play in the day (wake him up) or at night (wake up next doors baby and have them knocking on the door again). I...
  14. Youkalaylee

    Stupid chromatic tuner question

    I fancy getting a snark tuner, currently I use a cherub. Mainly because I'm going through early ukulele acquisition syndrome so getting into buying accessories... That's all... Honest... And upgrading the ones I have... And looking longingly at banjoleles and fleas..... Anyway, with the...
  15. Youkalaylee

    Stuck in a rut, help! Not sure what to do

    So I can play a few chords confidently and switch between them correctly most of the time - D, Am, A, F, G, Dm, Em, C. The first few weeks of learning I followed the Dummies book. However I felt like I was just being bombarded with techniques and (at the moment) I just wanted to learn enough...
  16. Youkalaylee

    I changed my ukulele's strings! :D Normal to go out of tune THIS quick?

    Put on a new set of Worth Clear on my concert. The first time I followed the vague instructions in the dummies book and the string came undone when I started to wind it up, I was ready to cry at that point cause I though I'd ruined my uke now until I could get it to a music shop. But then I...
  17. Youkalaylee

    How long does it take to get barre chords right?

    Hello, me again about barre chords! I've been practicing every other day on my ukulele trying to learn barre chords in particular. The reason I've been practicing every other day is because I work 14hr shifts then have a day off afterwards. After a day at work I don't feel like anything other...
  18. Youkalaylee

    Do most people teach themselves or take lessons? Is it worth getting lessons?

    I was wondering how common it is for people to pay for lessons on playing the ukulele. I've got the impression from this website that most people are self-taught. But for those who have had formal teaching outside of cyber-space, do you think its really helped? There's so much out there on the...
  19. Youkalaylee

    Sheet music says C#m, all ukulele covers skip it?

    I had been trying to learn something else, but after getting frustrated my partner wisely suggested learning a slower, simpler song first. I can see clesrly now by johnny Nash is nice and easy. D, G, A, C, F, and D6 are all within my reach at this early stage. Yet there is an evil chord...
  20. Youkalaylee

    Merry Christmas! Anyone else alone, or at work? How have you spent the day?

    I spent the main part of the day at work, had a horrible shift. My lunch was stolen among other things. Came back only half an hour before someone was picking me up to go to my in laws (without my partner who doesn't finish work until late tonight) and I just couldn't face it. I suffer from...