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  1. igorthebarbarian

    Fremont low G / slot bridge

    Does anyone have advice on how to get a Fremont low G into a slot bridge? I have only used Fremont low G through the normal tie bar bridges and love them/ works well/ easy to tie. But knotting them into a skinny little slot bridge opening (Fluke/ Bruko for example) how would you accomplish this?
  2. igorthebarbarian

    Outdoor Ukulele tenor moonshine (white)

    I am selling this Outdoor Ukulele Tenor in moonshine (white/clear). It has dual strap buttons. No other upgrades. Strung reentrant gcea with Aquila Lava strings. Will ship in the same box that it came from Outdoor Ukulele in (they seemingly do not pay these but they always mail fine). These...
  3. igorthebarbarian

    Firefly concert vs tenor

    I have a Firefly concert banjo Uke right now and like it. I’ve had a soprano version too, in the past. Has anyone owned both the Tenor and the concert/soprano? How much louder is the tenor? Does the tone ring add a lot of volume? I normally don’t like tenors, but I like the banjo sound...
  4. igorthebarbarian

    Cleaning the neck

    I think the neck of my well-used Fluke might be causing my hand/fingers to stink after playing. How do you all clean yours?
  5. igorthebarbarian

    Kala Travel Concert

    For sale is an almost-new Kala Travel SSTU-C - spruce top, with a bottom strap button. I purchased this a month or two ago from HMS/The Ukulele Site so it has the full set-up. I am selling because I need to thin the herd and also have this in a tenor, so I don't need two of the same. It has...
  6. igorthebarbarian

    FS - Outdoor Ukulele Soprano Carbon Fiber

    Hi everyone, I'm selling this like-new Outdoor Ukulele Soprano Carbon Fiber. I just ordered this a couple weeks ago, so I've barely played it. I think I'm going to keep the Tenor version since I don't really need two of these. The Carbon Fiber does seem to have made the neck stronger (which was...
  7. igorthebarbarian

    MIM's Ukes ebay --> Reverb

    I have used MIM's ukes a few times in the past and I know she personally sets up every ukulele that she sells, which is great. Has she officially transitioned all of her business over to Reverb now? She was on ebay as But now it looks like as of March 2018, she's...
  8. igorthebarbarian

    Uke book/lessons for a 6-year old?

    Hi UU'ers, My friend, who lives out of state, is buying his 6-year old son a ukulele for Christmas. I told him to go through MIM's and get something that he thinks will be visually appealing for the boy. Thinking that way he'll be more likely to pick it up. When he was at my house earlier this...
  9. igorthebarbarian

    Duke 10 banjo ukulele

    Up for sale is my very newly-acquired Duke 10 banjo ukulele. I am selling it because I do not need 3(!) banjo ukes in my apartment, nor will my wife let me keep that many. I just received this Duke this week. It's a tenor sized, 10" head/pot, which gives it a nicer deeper sound than some of...
  10. igorthebarbarian

    Bruko No. 6 flat/thin

    Up for sale is a Bruko No. 6 flat/thin. This is a Soprano solid mahogany uke. It is a "flat" (thin) body uke; although all Bruko's are pretty thin to begin with, this is even thinner than normal. I bought this through Mike at Uke Republic a few months ago. I have it strung with Oasis Brights...
  11. igorthebarbarian

    Gold Tone BU-1 concert banjo uke

    Up next is a Gold Tone BU-1 concert banjo uke/banjolele. It's their budget version of their BUC, selling at $199. I bought mine a few months ago from Mike at Uke Republic (nice guy). It is concert scale, and has a zero nut which makes the action nice. It has what looks like Aquila strings or...
  12. igorthebarbarian

    FS: Outdoor Ukulele Tenor brown

    Up next is a Outdoor Ukulele tenor in brown. I got one strap button on the end. It has the tenor length, low action, geared tuners. The sound output is on the weak side IMO, but they make a fantastic travel uke/ camping uke/ car uke/ "outdoor" uke(ha!) Currently strung with D'addario tenor...
  13. igorthebarbarian

    Fluke spruce - concert

    Up next is a Magic Fluke Concert sized with a hardwood Spruce top. It has the upgraded hardwood fretboard. I am selling to help pay for my wife's college tuition. Also, hopefully to finance some new ukes after that! I have it strung with Aquila Red concerts at the moment, strung re-entrant...
  14. igorthebarbarian

    Blackbird Farallon tenor

    Blackbird Farallon ekoa tenor. I purchased this in May 2016 from HMS/The Ukulele Site. I have a Fremont Low G on it, with Southcoast strings on the C/E/A; the - C is wound as well. Gotoh UPT tuners. Will ship with the Blackbird Access case (medium padding). I am selling to help pay for my...
  15. igorthebarbarian

    Kiwaya KS-5 w/Gotoh UPT tuners

    I have a Kiwaya KS-5 soprano laminate koa with upgraded Gotoh UPT tuners. I purchased this uke from HMS/The Ukulele Site about a year ago, in October 2016. Lightweight, low action, slim neck profile. Worth Clears on it now (they may be CF's, if not CM's). Will be shipped in a Lanikai hard gig...
  16. igorthebarbarian

    Seattle Uke shops?

    I'm going to be in Seattle next week and was wondering if there are any uke-friendly/ uke-specific shops? We're staying near the Pike Place Market area so ideally it would be walkable (or a short taxi/uber/lyft) from there. Hoping for much, much cooler weather there than compared to Phoenix!
  17. igorthebarbarian

    What's the best type of Uke? (a joke, sort of)

    Q: What is the best type of ukulele?.... A: The one you play the most! I may have nicer ukuleles by Blackbird, but the ones I play the MOST, by far, are the Flea and the Fluke that sit by my sofa. The best uke is the one you play the most.
  18. igorthebarbarian

    NUD Pics (haha!)

    I just realized that if you asked someone to post NUD Pics (New Uke Day pictures) that it could be read out loud as "NUDE PICS" - haha!
  19. igorthebarbarian

    Psychological price point divider line

    Mine is $500 - and it used to be $300... Meaning anything over that price point and I'll freak out/obsess that it's too nice/it's not worth the money/I won't play it enough/I just can't justify it. But going under that price point, there are not nearly as many worries or thoughts or concerns...
  20. igorthebarbarian

    Fluke normal top vs. premium Koa or Spruce top

    So I recently got a good deal on a Concert Fluke - orange mango rosette - with hardwood fretboard and peghead tuners. I've had a Firefly banjo for years; it was my 2nd uke and the first one that I really loved (still have it). Also I have had Flea's in the past but never really liked their...