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  1. Mike $

    Help with Grover Deluxe Champion Sta-tite Pegs

    I have been scratching my head figuring out how to install the Grover Champion Deluxe Uke Pegs. I can't find any instructions and am hoping some or one of you have a photo of these tuners installed or some insight into the installation. The main reason for my confusion is the rear housing and...
  2. Mike $

    Which newer movies do you watch over and over?

    There are plenty of oldies that i like to watch over and over, but not so many newer ones. One of my favorites to watch is The Martian with Matt Damon. I love this movie, I have watched it 50 times or more, I could watch it another 50 times, I find it so interesting and exciting. How about you?
  3. Mike $

    Does baking soda and superglue work on Tusq...?

    ...or does it burn and make a mess like some other plastics do? I replaced my nut with a bone one and would like to experiment on the old Tusq nut that was slotted off-center from the factory. Thanks.
  4. Mike $

    What exactly is neck heavy?

    I was reading the Martin OX neck heavy thread when I realized, I don't know what the standard is for "neck heavy" in ukuleles. What makes a uke neck heavy, what makes one balanced? I haven't picked up a uke without the neck taking a nose dive, but I never played any of the K brands. All the...
  5. Mike $

    A whole lot of shushing going on

    Have you guys noticed how often people in TV shows and movies are shhh-ing each other these days? I think, in general, people don't like to be shushed. It seems to be one of these goofy trends that actors are into these days. It's not the old fashioned Shhhhh. It's always this new-fangled...
  6. Mike $

    like button or shaka button

    Can there please be a shaka button or a like button to show appreciation or approval of a comment without having to reply or leave a comment? This way we can participate in a conversation even if we don't have anything new to contribute to it. It would be much nicer than having to quote...
  7. Mike $

    Valentines Day Song

    Zooey Deschanel reminds us all to plan ahead for Valentine's in this fun song. Enjoy, and start thinking of a nice gift for your sweetie in about 2 weeks.
  8. Mike $

    Ukulele Exoskeleton

    I can't find the topic where people were discussing getting better tone by moving the uke off of your body, as much as possible and it reminded me of the Tonegard for mandolins, where I found out they are very expensive and the guy doesn't make custom Ukegards anymore, which got me to search for...
  9. Mike $

    Recipe: Bechemel Croissant with Ham and cheese

    There's a French Bakery that serves Bechemel Croissants. Since I am not near them, I had to bring them to me. I made my own croissants, but you can buy some and try this recipe. It is delicious. Preheat your oven to 350F Bechemel Sauce on medium heat melt 1 TBS of butter then stir in 1 TBS...
  10. Mike $

    Fingernail trimming and a Garlic mincer

    How do you guys keep your fingernails for ukulele playing? I grew my nails out because that's what the YouTube Uke players all seem to do. It worked great before I had a Uke and was playing on my guitar with a capo and the bottom two strings removed. I realized I don't like the sound of...
  11. Mike $

    Boxing Day

    First of all, I would like to wish each and every one of you a happy Boxing Day. I have no clue what that means, or what happens on Boxing Day, all I know is that it is the day after Christmas. Which brings me to my next point. One term that has become fashionable by repeated use on the internet...
  12. Mike $

    New Tuners for T1K

    I want to put new friction tuners on my Martin T1K. I am looking at Waverly and Grover pegs and leaning towards the Waverlys. They are $55 at StewMac and the Grovers are about $30. Also, I looked into the Graphtech ratio tuners for about $28 (I am worried about two extra holes in the Peghead). I...
  13. Mike $

    Jupiter and Saturn are at it again

    Just looked up in the sky about half-way between the moon and the sunset to see the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn. According to myth, Jupiter made Saturn vomit up all of Jupiter's brothers and sisters and they together overthrew Saturn and the Titans. I wonder what Jupiter is up to this...
  14. Mike $

    Can you sing two notes at once?

    I have hit two notes at once, it doesn't sound pretty, and I had never heard of others doing it until I saw this video. This girl has turned it into an art form. She is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and listen to it. She does some phenomenal things with her voice throughout the video. Enjoy.
  15. Mike $

    What key best suits your voice and your playing?

    I was very happy to find out that it is easy for me to sing while playing the Ukulele. I sing in the areas of Bb and C, or Eb and F. All of these keys are relatively easy for me to play on the Uke. When I play banjo I have to throw on a capo to be comfortable playing all the licks I usually play...
  16. Mike $

    Granola Bar Recipe - Food Forum

    I've been perfecting these for a few years now, and here is the latest and greatest iteration. I hope you try them, they're easy and delicious, and 20 times better than the store brands. You will need a scale or you can eyeball half of an 18oz. box of oats. Good luck Ingredients: Preheat oven...
  17. Mike $

    The Great American Songbook

    What songs do you play from the Great American Songbook? I have been spending my time the last month or so working up songs from the Great American Songbook, you know, the jazz and pop standards from the '20s up to the '60s of Broadway, Tin Pan Alley and Hollywood and was wondering which ones...
  18. Mike $

    My Dog Has Fleas

    Am I supposed to be familiar with this melody? How does the rest of the song go? Sometimes someone asks how a Uke is tuned and the response is "My Dog Has Fleas?"...yes I usually see it written with a question mark. What song does this come from. I have searched the web and there are so many...
  19. Mike $

    Concert Ukulele

    Why do you suppose they call it a concert instead of calling it an alto Uke?
  20. Mike $


    Maybe not stargazing but if you are in North America and look up in the sky right now you can see an almost full moon and very close to it you can see the planet Mars. It is looking exceptionally red tonight. If I weren't so lazy, I would take a photo...but I am.