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  1. cyber3d

    Any tips for pedal connection sequence? Electric ukulele

    I did a search but could not find any answers. Is there a proper sequence or best sequence to connect your effects pedals? or does it matter?
  2. cyber3d

    Hard case recommendation for Fanner Uke

    So, if you have a Fanner and a hardcase . . . what case did you get, and are you happy with it?
  3. cyber3d

    Should all 4 strings have the same height (action) at the nut?

    Hi all, I searched the forum threads and could not find an answer. My wound metal lowG string has a much higher action at the nut than the rest. Shouldn't they all have the same action at the nut? Or is this something common for wound metal low G strings?
  4. cyber3d

    What strings do YOU have on your Tiny Tenor?

    Just curious. I currently have PhD Fluorocarbon strings.
  5. cyber3d

    How to adjust Cosmo Black GOTOH Stealth Tuners?

    Anyone familiar with these? One of my tuners feels sloppy. There is a screw on the case that looks like it might be an adjustment screw. They hold tune. But, it is hard to get the right tune because of the slop. Is that the screw to take up the slop? Clockwise to reduce slop?
  6. cyber3d

    Anjuli (instrumental by Hapa) chords or tabs????

    Does anyone have the music sheet, tabs sheet, or chord sheet for this piece as performed by Hapa? I know there used to be a music book called A Collection Of Songs From Their Debut Album. Any help?
  7. cyber3d

    Anyone put a sound port on a Tiny Tenor?

    I have a beautiful solid mahogany Tiny Tenor and am thinking of asking a luthier to add a side port to it. But, wondering if anyone has done this before.
  8. cyber3d

    What is it about that KCS-SS Premium Super Soprano Concert that keeps selling it?

    Anybody have any ideas as to why this uke keeps changing hands? It is up for sale on eBay. Like the 5th owner? Price is still the same. I'm intrigued as I am in the market. But, why does no one want to keep it? its the one with the small ding in the neck.
  9. cyber3d

    Is there a Tab for French Waltz by Nicolette Larson?

    I've tried transposing a couple of guitar chord sheets but . . . not too successful.
  10. cyber3d

    Any Uke related activities in Paris and/or Oslo in March?

    Traveling to both this month (March). Any indoor uke gigs or especially nice shoppes or uke meetings?
  11. cyber3d

    Where to find an online teacher . . . for my solid-body steel string style uke

    I would like to learn to play it in a "rock guitar" style. But, I can't find any lessons online. I can strum it like a uke. But, that is not what I have it for. :D
  12. cyber3d

    Can we have a Stickie "Regional Ukulele Festival Listings"?

    Do we have one? I could not find it. I always find myself searching the Internet for festival websites in my part of the country. PIA. It'd be nice if we had a sticky.
  13. cyber3d

    Don't like a satin finish on your uke neck? . . . solution.

    I just purchased a beautiful Kala KA-ZCT-S (Ziricote Laminate Soprano). BUT, after playing it for a day, I found the satin finish neck just didn't cut it for me. My thumb could not give me any grip. So, I polished it using a polish called Brasso. It did not take very long at all. Soft cloth...
  14. cyber3d

    Found a Hard case for KLOS - perfect fit

    I'm not selling mine. But, if you happen to be looking for one. The Crossrock CRA800TUCH ABS Tenor Ukulele Hard-Shell Case fits perfectly. Very tough case.
  15. cyber3d

    Opening a can of worms? Factors for proper action height

    So, what are the determining factors for the proper action height measurement? Is it strictly personal preference? or is it fret height? or what? The KLOS is one of the few ukes that I can barre anywhere and play as loud as possible without any rattles or unwanted vibrations. I'll also post...
  16. cyber3d

    Can someone try Puppies Are Forever by Sia

    YouTube Link I'm not in that register. And I sure would like someone to have a go at it. Here is the ultimate guitar tabs link: And
  17. cyber3d

    What can be done for a C string that gets boomy around the 7-10 frets?

    So, on my uke, all the strings sound pretty good. My second fret is a bit high but I don't get any rattles. Only issue for me is the C string has a boomy sound around the 7th through 10th frets. I changed the original Aquila fluorocarbon to a living water C string and that helped. But, it is...
  18. cyber3d

    Microphone: sE Electronics sE2200. Is it good?

    So, the sales person at Sweetwater recommended I get an sE Electronics sE2200 Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone to record my acoustic uke. Anyone here able to recommend it? Is it a great mic?
  19. cyber3d

    Which of your ukes do you play the least? And maybe why!

    For me. I haven't played my Islander Soprano for several weeks.Don't really know why. LOL
  20. cyber3d

    So, I need to change the strings on my new KLOS. Or do I?

    Is there a name or technical description for this disparity in volume? So, I need to change the strings on my new KLOS. Or do I? I don't know what this problem is called but, my E and A strings require more pressure to get the same volume as my G and C strings. Something is amiss here. The...