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  1. Jim Hanks

    SOLD Cocobolo Pineapple Concert

    Man, that is tempting 🤤 just for completeness, what is the scale? 15" or 16"?
  2. Jim Hanks

    Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you.

    BTW, that's not Dm7 - that would have an A in it instead of Bb. Technically, it would be "Bb add 2" - definitely a unique tuning. FWIW, a common tactic especially on tenor uke is to tune down a step from regular GCEA to F4 Bb3 D4 G4 which is kinda close to yours but rearranged of course. Welcome...
  3. Jim Hanks

    Microphone is janky, help

    I ASSume you've tried all this:
  4. Jim Hanks

    Microphone is janky, help

    We need more information. What's the brand? What is the interface to the computer? What OS is the computer? You're trying to use it over Zoom and the other participants are saying your voice is distorted? Distorted how?
  5. Jim Hanks

    Would Classical guitar strings work on a tenor?

    Normal tension classical strings yield ADGCEA for tenor guitalele so will give you low G GCEA for tenor ukulele. I havent tried light tension but that should certainly work if that is your preference. One thing you may find is the fat C string (guitar 3rd string) so you could look for sets with...
  6. Jim Hanks

    That hybrid guitar and ukulele instrument

    Tempest in a tea cup? I don't have a problem with guitalele (or the other variants of that). I'm not sure I like "kiku" as that implies a particular tuning to me, namely that the bottom two strings are reentrant. But having said that I have referred to my 5-string as a "kiku" even though it...
  7. Jim Hanks

    Two guitaleles - Gretsch vs Yamaha

    From this side of the camera, I like the sound of the Yamaha better. What strings are on it? Maybe the Gretsch will warm up as the strings break in.
  8. Jim Hanks

    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    @mimmo Where is the pickup jack located? Could that be used as a strap attachment point?
  9. Jim Hanks

    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    I like it but it's still a guitalelel :) it does need a way to attach a strap
  10. Jim Hanks


    Technically, 6/9 is 1-3-5-6-9, but with four uke strings, one will have to be left out. Context will dictate which works better in a given phrase
  11. Jim Hanks

    Custom Ukulele and tone wood

    I think this would come down to the builder and string choice more than the cedar vs redwood. Either should get you in the same ballpark
  12. Jim Hanks

    Friction tuners on a tenor

    that's because most people who have tried both prefer geared. If that weren't true, more uke makers would stick with friction. I'm not trying to be snarky, it's just true. If you like frictions, then great, we do still have choices. But not for me.
  13. Jim Hanks

    Spanish Romance (Jupiter Baritone Ukulele)

    Ah, that's makes more sense. Nice!
  14. Jim Hanks

    Spanish Romance (Jupiter Baritone Ukulele)

    well done! I'm confused about the tuning though. At 0:43 it sounds like a linear Em chord? What are the pitches and what strings?
  15. Jim Hanks

    Why (or do you) would you have non-traditional (5 or 6) stringing for your uke?

    Check out Dr. Bekken: Here's one of mine:
  16. Jim Hanks

    Why (or do you) would you have non-traditional (5 or 6) stringing for your uke?

    Ah, but if you put the bottom 2 or 3 strings up an octave, you regain much of the "uke ness" and a lot of cool chord voicings
  17. Jim Hanks


    yes, F7 is a dominant 7th chord: F A C Eb F9 implies the 7th is included: F A C Eb G Fadd9 is an F major chord with the 9th (G) added, but without the 7th: F A C G F9 is the confusing one as the 7th is implied but not listed. Higher chords F11 and F13 also imply the "missing" notes are included
  18. Jim Hanks

    Which strings for down-tuning a tenor?

    I'm using World of Ukes Clarity strings for reentrant A tuning,on tenor
  19. Jim Hanks

    "E" Cuatro Guitalele Tuning

    With Jupiter #71
  20. Jim Hanks

    8s of Flukutronic

    With Cocobolo super concert, Bonanzalele, and Kala U-bass