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  1. collarbone

    Twitter Ukers

    Hey everyone, I just started using Twitter again and I am looking for ukulele people to follow. Is anyone following interesting, informative funny etc people from the ukosphere?
  2. collarbone

    Two Dogs Play Bluegrass (one on a banjo uke)

    . I can take no credit for this but wish I could
  3. collarbone

    Nice Tuners!

    Look at these new tuners from Waverly. I really need something to replace the tuners on my Martin and these would be really nice. I'll have to measure and see if they will work.
  4. collarbone

    FT/FS Pohaku Mahogany Soprano Sunburst

    more pics including dings:
  5. collarbone

    FT/FS Pohaku Mahogany Soprano Sunburst

    More pics as promised including name and date:
  6. collarbone

    FT/FS Pohaku Mahogany Soprano Sunburst

    This is a very nice instrument, too nice to sit in it's case while I play my Martin, so I have decided to try and trade or sell it for something which is not a mahogany sopprano. The details: Honduran Mahogany top back and sides (nicely figured, especailly the sides) East Indian Rosewood...
  7. collarbone

    Pennies from Heaven

    Here I am playing Pennies from Heaven. The Mint has officially stopped production of our penny here in Canada which will soon be penniless. Although they will remain legal tender, they will slowing leave circulation. My 2nd daughter whose arrival is expected any day now will probably grow up...
  8. collarbone

    Magic Ukulele Waltz

    Here is my rendition of the Magic Ukulele Waltz. I have been working on this for quite a while and still have a few things to iron out but I was pretty happy with this take. I hope you like it. Thankyou!
  9. collarbone

    An early Christmas present for me!

    I just picked up a nice Mango Flea from someone on Craigslist. $90 which I thought was a steal (more than half off the Canadian cost). One loose tuner and one missing string which I fixed as soon as I got home. I don't know what you will be doing on your time off, but with my wife at work and...
  10. collarbone

    First Video post ever..

    Here's my rendition of Chasin' Rainbows for Dav's tab of the wininboy video. This is the first time I have played my uke in front of anyone but my family so I am a little nervous, but I think it turned out OK (after a number of takes). Enjoy!
  11. collarbone

    Friction tuner replacement

    I posted this in the Uke Tech support section but someone suggested I ask a luthier, so I thought I would wander on over into the luthier's lounge and pose my question here. I have a vintage ukulele whose tuners have seen their last days. The holes are small and after doing some research I have...
  12. collarbone

    Friction tuner replacement

    I have a vintage ukulele whose tuners have seen their last days. The holes are small and after doing some research I have figured out that modern tuners are quite a bit bigger. I have no problems with drilling out the holes to make the new ones fit but I was wondering about the hole I will need...
  13. collarbone

    Fear of vintage?

    I have been thinking a lot about getting my hands on an old Martin uke. A style 0 would fit my budget nicely, but I am a little worried about what a 60-80 year old instrument would be like. I once had a classic car that cost a small fortune every time I put the key in the ignition which has put...
  14. collarbone

    Help Israel Kamakawiwoʻole win epic Canadian radio battle

    Background: On CBC Radio 1 there is a national afternoon show called Shift which is having a contest to determine the greatest recording of "Somewhere over the Rainbow". The contest is to promote a Wizard of Oz themed reality TV show on the CBC. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole finds himself in the semi...
  15. collarbone

    Compulsive Package Tracking Disorder

    I think I have a new one for the DSM. I am watching my new Ukulele travel to my home as it crosses oceans and borders. I know it is nearby but still just out of reach. Did the Border Services agents give it a strum, are the Postal workers being nice to it? How often can you check your tracking...
  16. collarbone

    Mya Moe on craigslist Seattle

    This is not mine and I know nothing about it, but may be of interest to someone out there:
  17. collarbone

    A trip to Dusty Strings Seattle

    My wife and I went on a quick weekend getaway for our anniversary and I managed to talk her into letting me head over to Dusty Stings and try out some ukes. Let me start off by saying that I am from Canada and the selection of ukuleles in brick and mortar stores in Canada is extremely limited. I...
  18. collarbone

    96 year old Sci-Fi author rockin' his uke

    Here is a video that appeared on Boing Boing today. I think it is a great little performance by this vetran sci-fi author. More information on the link.
  19. collarbone

    Canadian Duty/Taxes Question

    Hey there, I am thinking of buying an Ukulele from the states but I want to know what if anything they will charge me at the border. I was hoping there was another Canuck out there with some experience in these matters. Do they charge for both new and used instruments? Thanks
  20. collarbone

    The "Classic Ukulele"

    Does anyone know anything about "the Classic Ukulele". One has come up on my local craigslist. It says it is solid and it looks decent... but is it?