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  1. keonepax

    Tired of Waiting for You (the Kinks)

    Hope you like my rendition of this Kinks song that went to Number One in the UK. First song in another "beer can" series...
  2. keonepax

    I'm on Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

    It's fun checking out the various visual filters available on Snap Camera. Sometimes I like to check out the latest ones and see if I can come up with ideas for ukulele videos. I always thought the "six-inch valley" was cut through the middle of my "soul," but apparently, it should be...
  3. keonepax

    Tonight (from "West Side Story")

    Looking forward to the Steven Spielberg remake of "West Side Story" being released in December. Love the songs in "West Side Story," but I think most of them are pretty hard to sing or play! Here's one I can sort of do, but even this one was challenging for me!
  4. keonepax

    She's Rather Be With Me (Turtles)

    Hope you like my rendition of this Turtles song from 1967:
  5. keonepax

    Have You Seen Her? (the Chi-Lites)

    Hope you like my cover of this Chi-Lites song from 1971. :)
  6. keonepax

    Alone Again (Naturally)

    2020 was a tough year for me. Lost my mom (not Covid) and had a hell of a stressful time trying to keep up with teaching online classes. As a result, I wasn't able to make a lot of ukulele videos. This year I've been making up for lost time and now am in the middle of summer vacation, so...
  7. keonepax

    Drop Baby Drop (Mana'o Company)

    The video is actually about a water slide I made for eating noodles, but I hope you like my rendition of this popular song in Hawaii.
  8. keonepax

    I Miss You My Hawaii (Na Leo Pilimehana)

    Seems like we're having a second rainy season. Missing Hawaii...
  9. keonepax

    Rock'n Me (Steve Miller Band)

    Hope you like my rendition of this song by the Steve Miller Band. The song went to Number One on the Billboard charts in 1976.
  10. keonepax

    A Girl Like You (the Young Rascals)

    Hope you like my rendition of this Rascals' song from their Groovin' album.
  11. keonepax

    The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Bobby Vee)

    Hope you like my rendition of this Bobby Vee song.
  12. keonepax

    Timothy (the Buoys)

    Despite the fact that some people wanted this song banned, it was a top 20 hit in 1970. Hope you like my rendition.
  13. keonepax

    paxukulele 10-year anniversary

    I'm celebrating the 10-year anniversary of my paxukulele YouTube channel! Am I allowed to toot my own horn a little bit? On my channel, I've posted ukulele videos of 478 different songs. I'm only 22 videos away from 500, so that's my immediate goal. I think I'll probably reach that goal...
  14. keonepax

    El Paso

    Marty Robbins is my all-time favorite country singer. Hope you like my rendition! :)
  15. keonepax

    Venus (Frankie Avalon)

    A Number One hit from 1959. Hope you like my rendition:
  16. keonepax

    Little Wooden Head (from "Pinocchio")

    Hope you like my rendition of "Little Wooden Head." It's an abbreviated version since I had only a short video of my granddaughter playing around with a marionette puppet:
  17. keonepax

    Come and Get It (Badfinger)

    Hope you like my rendition of this Badfinger song that Paul McCartney wrote and produced.
  18. keonepax

    Love Can Make You Happy (Mercy)

    I had the pleasure and honor of working with Marianne Wong on a rendition of Mercy's "Love (Can Make You Happy)." I hope you like our rendition and some views from my garden:
  19. keonepax

    I Saw the Light (Todd Rundgren)

    Hope you like my rendition!
  20. keonepax

    Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren)

    Hope you like my rendition of this great Todd Rundgren song from 1972: