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  1. Veritas99

    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Looks like Andrew Molina finally launched his online ukulele course. Andrew Molina Ukulele Academy He’s mentioned it a few times in his podcast so I’ve been interested in seeing what he would offer. There are three membership levels, with the top (and most expensive) Prestige level including...
  2. Veritas99

    FS: Kanile'a K-1 C (2020) [Price drop]

    Up for sale is my wife's lightly used Kanile'a K-1 C with Tru-R bracing. Serial number suggests it was made in February 2020 and we purchased it from an authorized dealer in December 2020. As shown in the photos, it is in perfect condition with no marks of any kind. I've tried to cover all the...
  3. Veritas99

    Review: Flight A10 FM - Not ready to fly with the big boys

    Several months ago, I was made aware of Flight's limited edition 10th anniversary models, which represented a step up for Flight in price ($1200) and approach (single “master“ luthier vs standard production). I had only heard good things about Flight and really liked the look of the faded blue...
  4. Veritas99

    Help with possible repair options

    Hi, I was hoping to get your thoughts on the potential causes and repair options for my new ukulele. I've reached out to the dealer and will be talking with him this week but wanted to be more informed about what could be done. When I first received the uke, the corner of the bridge was lifted...
  5. Veritas99

    NUD: Flight A10 FM Faded Blue Tenor

    Three months after I preordered it, my Flight A10 FM faded blue anniversary tenor has arrived. There was a thread a few months back about Flight making a special line of ukes in connection with its 10th anniversary. I was intrigued by the solid maple options, and ultimately sold on them by the...
  6. Veritas99

    aNueNue USA buying experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone has bought directly from the guys at aNueNue USA. If so, how was the setup/playability? Do you know how it compares to setup from HMS? I know there's personnel overlap, but I'm not sure who is doing the setup at aNueNue USA. I'm guessing they'd do a great job, but I'm...
  7. Veritas99

    If you say you have "learned" a song, what does that mean to you?

    I'm curious at what point you feel like you've learned a song. Is it when you can play through it consistently without mistakes? When you have it memorized and can play on command? When you feel comfortable playing it for others? After you've recorded it and posted it to social media? Some...
  8. Veritas99

    WTB Godin Sunburst MultiUke

    Looking for a MultiUke. Would prefer a sunburst, but I’m open to other versions (koa, cedar). Please let me know if you have one you’d like to sell. Thanks!
  9. Veritas99

    New brand - Aolani?

    Looks like Cornerstone Custom has developed a budget line made in China and modified in the US called Aolani. A bunch of their tenors hit Uke Like The Pros tonight and the company has a half developed website (a lot is “coming soon”). Anyone know more about the new brand...
  10. Veritas99

    NUD: A Naupaka hat trick

    I know the split soundboard is not for everyone, but I really liked the way the woods complement each other, both in appearance and sound. Like other KoAloha the sound is big with good sustain, but it sounds more balanced compared to my KTM-25.
  11. Veritas99

    Caught the bug from my wife

    So I'm expecting my first uke tomorrow (Ohana TK-270G), after watching my wife take it up and become obsessed. There’s already been a bit of UAS in the family, and the number of ukes far exceeds the number of musicians. Given my access to such beautiful ukes, I figured that I should learn to...