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    Meet Vivienne, a very Grand Tenor by Pat Megowan

    Beautiful! 😍
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    'Best' Keys for Song Circles, your opinions please

    I play with a bluegrass group so it isn’t all ukuleles. If I’m doing a song I pick a key that is posible for the group and works best for my voice. So available keys are C, G, D, A, and (very rarely) E. Most often C or G works for my voice. People start grumbling and getting out the capos if you...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    For myself, i think hanging out on the boards stokes the fire of UAS. If I just sat at home and played what I’ve got and used books and not the Internet, I wouldn’t see nearly so many ukes I want to try. :) but on the other hand, I’ve learned a lot here. Just once in awhile I have to step back...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Before you buy a second uke, it would probably be good to do as others have suggested and just try stringing the one you have low G. You may or may not like it as much as you think. I thought I’d like low G better, but it turns out I prefer high G. I still own a second uke that I keep tuned too...
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    Tenor Aquila Sugar strings and low tension option?

    Since we’re talking tenor, you could tune it to EAC#F#, which is an alternate tuning I read about here on the boards. I don’t use it all the time, but it does sound good on a tenor and uses the same chord shapes (with different chord names) with less tension on the strings. this is a good...
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    Uke songbook

    do You remember any other details that might help? What approximate time period was this?
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    How do you store your extra strings?

    I have one extra set per uke, in case a string snaps. My local music store has very limited selection of uke strings, so if they were out of the size I needed I’d be unable to play that uke until an online order could come in. First world problems, I guess, but I like to be prepared. But no more...
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    I don’t play standing often, but I use a strap whenever I play with the bluegrass group. Sometimes I use one at home, sometimes not. It’s mostly so I don’t drop my uke in a moment of absent mindedness or clumsiness, especially in the group, which plays in a room with an uncarpeted floor.
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    How do you store your extra strings?

    In the pocket of the gig bag that holds the uke they fit. I have three ukes and one spare set of strings for each, so organization is not taxing. ;)
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    Music theory -- Baritone and Low G key signature conversion table

    My understanding of what this is for (OP may correct me) is if you have baritone uke but a tablature for low G, or vice versa. You can play the tablature on either, because they both have low fourth strings, but you’ll be playing in a different key. The chart is for figuring out what that key...
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    how big are your ukulele collections?

    I have three: a laminate Ohana concert, a spruce top tenor Ohana, and a vintage Harmony baritone ( solid mahogany). The only reason I have three is for the different tunings. One high g, one low G, and the baritone is DGBE. I don’t foresee owning more than three ukuleles. If I had to choose...
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    Question about tuning

    D tuning is a separate tuning - A D F# B but until this thread I didn’t realize that the various tuning were named for the third (second?) string.
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    Vintage Harmony baritone

    I ordered some peg style friction tuners that look similar but are not identical. The shaft size should be the same, though, which makes it easier for me. I’m not sure there’s a lot of value to be protected with as battered as it is, but I like the look of the peg tuners and have only used...
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    Vintage Harmony baritone

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will probably save naphtha for last ditch efforts and see if I can find the Feed n Wax first. :)
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    Vintage Harmony baritone

    And speaking of grunge : I went over the entire thing with a damp cloth, which got a lot of dirt off, but there’s still some, and the finish is kind of hazy looking. I’m thinking I’ll try again tomorrow with a little bit of dish soap and water, but if that isn’t enough, what can I use to clean...
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    Do you "name" your ukulele?

    I have never named or “genderized” my ukes. Then yesterday I read this thread. Yesterday evening I received a vintage baritone via FedEx. There is a faint smell of perfume that’s been spilled on it at some point. Occasionally now I find myself thinking of it as a “she”. Her name is Edna. She’s a...
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    Vintage Harmony baritone

    My big question right now is about the tuners. Can anyone tell if these are original? They’re certainly grungy enough.
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    Vintage Harmony baritone

    FedEx just delivered a new-to-me ukelele acquired online. I bought it knowing it would be a bit of a project and a gamble, but it seems to be structurally sound, if full of “character”. Clearly, it needs at least one new tuning peg and new strings to be playable. Possibly it needs a new...
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    Going from ukulele to tenor guitar

    I am thinking about getting a tenor guitar. I am thinking about getting a tenor guitar. I think I’d want to play it tuned traditionally, not Chicago tuning. But I’m also not so sure I shouldn’t just stick with the ukulele, since I’m not terrifically musically talented. Is it just a matter of...
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    String buzz

    I recently changed the strings on my Ohana concert to Aquila Reds. While I was at it, I changed it to low G. Because I like to have options and was afraid I wouldn’t like it as a low G , I bought a complete reentrant set and a separate low G string. I followed the instructions carefully, but...