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    How did you do on your 2020 goals?

    At the beginning of the year RafterGirl posted a thread on 2020 New Years Goals . Whether you posted yours or not, how did you all do on achieving yours? I hit most of mine - ironically, I hit the ones most affected by COVID before the lock downs, and the one missed the most should have been...
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    Feels like NUD: Flight TUS-35 rescued from quarantine

    Made it into my office for the first time since early March to grab some hardware I needed and my Flight TUS-35. I can't believe how giddy I am over a little cheap as heck soprano. Smiles per dollar are through the roof, and I'm really enjoying the high-G. A far cry from my normal baritones and...
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    Tom Lehrer fans

    The Professor released all his music into Public Domain today. Many include sheet music (primarily piano + vocal with chords atop). Some are just lyrics (particularly where he reused somebody else's music).
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    Surprise NUD: Ambian purchased Kala Cedar Baritone

    Last week I ordered a Kala Cedar Baritone in my sleep. I thought I was trying to reduce the herd rather than increase it, but my subconscious disagrees. I honestly don't remember ordering this - I remember looking at the Kala clearance site somebody had linked here. I'm blaming the Ambian -...
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    Check out the Seasons!

    Hi all! Just wanted to toss a pointer here to the current Season of the Ukulele - Like a Virgin, celebrating new things and first times. If you've been thinking about checking out or joining the Seasons now's a great time: this theme's perfect for first timers, and I've got a special prize...
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    Season 447 - Like a Virgin

    Welcome to Season 447 - Like a Virgin This is my first season hosting, and the excitement and anticipation is wonderful! I want to share that feeling with all of you, so the theme this week is to capture that shiny and new feeling by celebrating our first times - either by doing something...
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    KLOS Full Carbon Kickstarter is underway

    KLOS has kicked off their kickstarter for the full carbon ukes and guitars. Limited editions starting at $859 for acoustic & $999 for acoustic-electric ukulele.
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    Soundbrenner Core Musician's Smart Watch

    Hi all. Not a ukulele review, but a tool to use with the ukulele. There's a thread running about metronome apps for the Apple Watch, which has significant limitations as a metronome - it can't buzz very strongly, and it limits the app life-cycle so it's at best tricky to keep a metronome watch...
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    Cool training tool: Fret Zealot LED fingering guides

    This is kind of cool: LED strips that show where to finger songs, chords, and scales. Fits concerts or tenors and can come installed on a Kala. Big problem for me is that it requires watching the fretboard. Might be better for playing lap style than for playing traditionally. I’m also at the...
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    Creating song sheets with both DGBE and GCEA chord diagrams

    Hi all, What tools are you all using to create PDF song sheets with chord diagrams for both baritone and tenor/concert/soprano players? I've been writing up song sheets in ChordPro format and generating PDFs with the reference implementation. This works great to display chord diagrams on the...
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    NBD: Aklot Bass Ukulele

    Mini Aklot review (ok. maybe not so mini. I'm a rambler. TLDR version: Looks good. Feels good. Plays easily. Bad pickup. Bummer. After discussing fretless U-Basses with some folks on Facebook last week I insomnia-bought one of the Aklot uke bases...
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    StewMac Tenor Kit Build

    Hi all! Almost a year ago I posted in my intro to UU that I was starting a StewMac kit and that I'd post a build thread. For various reasons (both good and bad) it was a very slow start, and I pretty much restarted from the beginning a week or two ago. I don't want to make things too simple, so...
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    Novices review: The Uke Book Illustrated

    The Uke Book Illustrated arrived yesterday and I've read about halfway through. I'm really impressed, and from a novices point of view (some woodworking background, several starts that turned to kindling, but no completed instruments). It's one of the best and clearest lutherie books I've read...
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    Next year's April Fools

    My wife saw a story of somebody who saved up her Amazon boxes for a month and then "delivered" them all to her front porch for her husband to find on 1 April. If she'll forget that before next year, I may get every ukulele box I've received "delivered" again next year :) :) :) I knew there was...
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    Rant: active pickups

    *grumble* *grrr* *snarl* *grumph* I have four instruments with active pickups. I have four instruments with dead batteries. I thought I finally had time to finish off a recording for Seasons before Sunday ended, but no batteries means no sound to the audio interface, and no sound means no...
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    Today's Google Doodle

    Today's Google Doodle celebrates JS Bach with a widget that lets you provide a melody and its AI will generate four part harmony based on analysis of Bach's style The Soprano and Alto parts are in range of a uke. May need to pull out the ubass for tenor & bass parts...
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    Changing strings too often?

    The FAQ says "However, changing string types too often is bad for the saddle of the ukulele. So If you put something on, try and stick to it for a while." What is too often and how much of a problem is this? I wouldn't expect nylon(ish) strings to cut into the saddle significantly, especially...
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    What's wrong with this Uke (other than the player)?

    How do you identify if the problem with a specific Uke is: The Uke itself The setup The player Ok. Easy answer: it's the player. The long term goal is to upgrade the player without replacing him, but that will take a while and in the short term I'm trying to figure out if there's also a tools...
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    Hello from bright, sunny, Seattle(ish)!

    (that sun may not last) Hi all! Been lurking for a while and figured I should say "hi". So: Hi! I started putting together a StewMac Tenor kit a couple of months ago (delayed by a minor but blocking workshop accident) and a Fender Venice to try to figure out how to play while working on the...
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    Bridge plate fit on StewMac kit

    Hi all! I'm starting out on my first build from a StewMac tenor kit. When dry fitting the bracing before glue-up I found that the bridge plate doesn't quite fit: Does this matter? The options I can see are: Don't worry about it. Glue it as is and hope nobody looks inside to closely (but...