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    FS: Antica Ukuleleria Sacco soprano -- price drop

    Price: $525 includes shipping to ConUSA. Cost to me with shipping from Italy was about $675. Includes soft case that was ordered with the uke. Wait time otherwise may be half a year. Like new condition, hand built soprano by Marco Todeschini. This is THE actual ukulele reviewed by by Barry at...
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    FS: Tyde Learner concert

    $525 (PayPal please) gets you shipping to the Continental US (likely FedEx). I purchased this here on UU earlier this year. Selling because I play my Blackbird Clara for low G instead. This is a walnut/cherry concert Tyde Learner Ukulele. Site description here...
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    NUD KoAloha Red Label Silver Anniversary concert

    HMS was able to offer me first dibs on this (by request once I saw these were being made). I was debating whether to get a 25th anniversary uke but not being able to try one and see if it played better than my Pikake held me back. Seeing that they were producing a few Red Labels got me excited...
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    Our extended ukulele community

    Times are tougher and going to get tougher. All the instructors that we go to learn from at festivals must be greatly affected as these events are cancelled. Hopefully they have resources to turn to. The question is how to continue to support them to help them through these times when they...
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    KoAlana ukes return from KoAloha

    KoAloha posted photos of their "best value ukulele" on Facebook a little while ago. Includes photos of sopranos, concerts, and tenors.
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    KoAloha Silver Series at HMS... maybe

    They listed three Silver Series today. One of the two sopranos and the tenor are already sold. The soprano appears to be priced about $250 more than the "standard" gloss soprano. Tenor uke #002 also sold at Uke Republic.
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    NUD: AO soprano built by Pops Okami

    "AO" in Hawaiian means “new beginning” as well as being Alvin “Pops” Okami’s initials. For those unfamiliar, Pops is the founder and “patriarch” of KoAloha Ukuleles. He is retired, which means he chooses where to devote his time and interests. There is something special having an ukulele...
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    Kiwaya KTS-4

    Price $350 PayPal, includes shipping to ConUSA (USPS priority). No case. Purchased this Kiwaya KTS4 on this forum last year and have barely played it since I received a WOW soprano built by Pops Okami and preferred my KoAloha Pikake soprano. It is solid mahogany with an ebony fretboard and...
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    Ukulele festivals worth flying to for a short vacation?

    Looking forward to next year's calendar and I am considering combining a vacation (3 days to a week) with an ukulele festival. The festival should feature excellent classes (intermediate level) and a program distinguished enough from smaller local festivals. Two or three days may be ideal. The...
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    Tiny Tenor Spalted Mango - my jaw dropped when I saw this

    This is such an incredible looking Tiny Tenor. I would have bought it on first sight IF I could play tenor neck comfortably. If I had another TT, I would still have bought this one and sold the other. Looks are secondary to other considerations, but this one is remarkable...
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    aNueNue Koa Bird Tenor 5 at HMS

    5A Koa wood, other good stuff for only $3k.
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    Wow!... NUD Wow/Harmony soprano checks all the boxes

    This week I received my new “Wow ukulele” made by Alvin “Pops” Okami of KoAloha. He wanted to make an alternative to the koa ukuleles that were beyond the price points of many players. And WOW! He succeeded magnificently. Sound: Is this the best sounding soprano out there? Pops thinks so and I...
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    very old Ah Tau Kam Ukulele (1920s?) "discovered" in excellent condition

    So a friend whose mother grew up in Hawaii told me she had an old beat up cheap ukulele somewhere in her house that her mother had. She finally brought it over and it appears to be a Hawaii made uke, maybe from the 1920s with a "Kam" label on the headstock. It is in very good condition without...
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    New Rebels at HMS

    Eight mango Rebels in soprano and super concert sizes newly listed on the HMS website... Email from HMS/The Ukulele Site: "We are in the process of listing new ukes from around the world including new Kala Elite, new Pono models, Barron River ukes, new Rebels, and a few customs from Pigeon Tree...
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    is there a preferred shipping method for ukuleles?

    Have to choose a shipping option from the East Coast to California. Thinking that two day is logical choice to balance costs and not leaving it in shipper's hands for too long in heat or cold. Uke is a soprano solid wood in a gig bag. What company do you use as first choice? What about insuring...
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    Humidity inside a closed hard case

    Let's say environment is friendly toward a solid wood ukulele. So let's assume 68 degrees F and humidity is 45%. You take that ukulele and put it in its case and close it tight. And leave it that way. What happens to the humidity inside the closed case? Does the wood absorb moisture and lower...
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    what do you sit on?

    I decided that sitting on a kitchen chair or a computer seat for an hour or two while playing uke is not the best situation. Heading out to a store to check "guitar seats or thrones". Do you have a specific seat/stool/throne that you bought to play or do you make do with whatever is handy ?
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    nEw aNueNue noob NUD

    Irresistable... U900 Baby Series Bear. There is a matching Rabbit one. 17 inch total length. Mahogany laminate front, back, and sides. Aquila Supernylgut strings. Rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Cute as an uke could be (including the gigbag with bear arms) but sounds good strummed. It is not...
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    Aches and pains and different ukuleles

    Started playing about nine months ago. Sometime in the fall, noticed my deltoids (shoulders) and biceps (upper arm) muscles getting sore in certain arm positions while inactive. Attributed it to the aches and pains of aging and not playing a concert ukulele for one to two hours daily. It...
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    WTB - Blackbird Clara with radiused fretboard

    Prefer non-sunburst model and Gotoh UPT tuners.