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    Lou Barlow on his history, the baritone uke, and his tunings for it

    this is an hour long video of Lou Barlow (he of Folk Implosion, Sebadoh, and Dinosaur Jr.) discussing his baritone uke et al. I haven't made my way all the way through it but he has recorded several albums with the baritone and while they aren't for everyone they are definitely the product of a...
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    U bass - looking for a recommendation

    I'm going to be playing out soon with some folks, mostly old time/string band stuff. I'll be playing bass and the U bass is the most 'stand up bass' sounding non stand up bass I know of. I tried two so far, a Hadean that had very poor intonation and a no name solid body that had bad...
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    Joe Hisaishi low G tabs/sheet music

    I wanted to make a clearinghouse/list of the available tabs from him/ask if anyone else has any to share. Path of the Wind from Spirited Away One...
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    Brunner Muriel trebles on a ukulele

    This is very much a shot in the dark but I am curious, has anyone tried using a set of trebles on a uke? Do they fit? Work okay?
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    Developing a bass "melody" simultaneously with a treble

    Having the discussion about the interplay between two distinctly voiced melodies played simultaneously. Not counterpoint per se. For instance the beginning of this: prior to the beginning of the vocal section has a distinct (and fun) bass and (for lack...
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    Working out a song with a new tuning, dEae

    I am working up a version of this song: As best I can figure a relative tuning to this is dEae (baritone), so that is what I have my uke tuned. Obviously I am missing a few strings but he is only fretting two so... Just throwing it out there for the...
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    Changing out a neck

    So one of my many dream instruments is a well made metal body resonator ukulele - in the style/size of a pono nui or a little bit smaller than that. The closest I can find that is purchaseable is the large body baritone from Beltona and that may be the right answer if I can afford one... But...
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    Uke in an ensemble/string band

    I am wondering about how to fit a ukulele into a group setting. not an all uke setting but, say a Texas swing band, or a folk/Americana context. What skills are important to have and are there people who are doing this well? I know a banjo uke strummed works well to cut through a larger band...
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    Daniel Ho arrangements of Beatles songs

    The Daniel Ho Beatles arrangements are some of my favorites. Does anyone know if there is tablature available for this? I
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    Unison C and E on a tiple

    I've been playing a tiple with the traditional tuning for a while. I love it for its volume and overall jangliness, but it is a little hard for me to pick out melody along with strumming due to the octave strings. I was thinking about keeping the hi/low G but switching the C and E strings to...
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    Monofilament length to note ratio?

    This may be an obvious question, but I am trying to understand with a given string diameter what the length will allow for tuning. For instance an akonting uses the same width string at different lengths to achieve three dramatically different notes. I have tried googling to find a formula or...
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    Carbon fiber custom - actually asking for a friend!

    I briefly had a pono nui. A friend tried it and loved the size and feel of it. But he is always on the road and sticks to carbon fiber. Does anyone know of a maker who does good work with carbon fiber, and is willing to take on a project like that? Many thanks!
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    Soprano, concert with low G

    Hi, I i’m looking for a low G ukulele for traveling with. Some thing a little bit smaller than my tenor. Ideally with either a radius fretboard or a wider Fretboard for easier finger style. Any ideas?!
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    Is this an ukulele? In her 3rd song (which starts at around the 10:30 minute mark but you should totally listen to the whole thing anyway) she is playing a little four string that I think is a uke but I don't know much about the guitar variations in Mexico. thanks!
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    standard tuning melancholy/old time tunes

    I have a bad habit of monkeying around with tunings when I get a new instrument... anyway I just got a beautiful amazing wonderful ohana tiple that I purchased here in the marketplace. it sounds so so good. I was inclined initially to retune it to Ee aAa eEe aa but I think I would like to keep...
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    Strumming and singing recommendations

    I’m looking for them! I have spent the first umpteen years of the ukulele playing and listening to fingerstyle songs with no singing. I now am interested in figuring out how to strum chords artfully and song, and I need inspiration. So far I’ve been listening to the Magnetic Fields mostly. Open...
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    Unlikely trade offer, kora for high end resonator or harp uke

    I have a professional grade kora (African gourd harp) up for trade. I have recently upgraded to a new kora and am interested in trading mine for a national or beltona resonator, or an emerald harp ukulele. Pics available via email, the kora is an all maple acoustic kora with a medium gourd. It...
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    Magic Fluke 5 string short scale banjo I will post pictures when I can figure out how, but it is one of these with the upgraded peghed tuners on all but the 5th string. I love this mini banjo, but have moved in a different direction and I'm just not...
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    konablaster what type of string end, loop or ball?

    I have a 19" baritone konablaster. I need to replace the strings, and I won't be home to make sure I'm getting the right strings for them. Does anyone happen to know offhand if I should be getting the loop or ball end strings? thanks!
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    5 string a la Jim Hanks?

    So I've been thinking for a while about a franken-uke... I have a pono nui big baritone that I really like, and a similar sized inexpensive nylon strung guitar. Thinking about taking it to my favorite luthier and having him turn it into either another nui/4 string so I can have one with a high...