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  1. mingus

    SOLD Larrivee Spruce/Rosewood Tenor

    Hello, I have an amazing tenor up for sale! I have been on a shopping spree, and need to make room for a brand new KoAloha from MIM!! The Larrivee is in fantastic condition, and the original owner purchased it from HMS. Great set-up, sounds great, and plays like butter. I have it strung with...
  2. mingus

    Bruko #6 - Soprano

    Hello, listing my MINT Bruko #6 for sale! Great uke in fantastic shape, just have too many sopranos and trying to raise funds for a tenor! Comes with fresh set of Worth BM stings and super nice Kala case. $165 shipped to your door (CONUS). If you are interested, please email me...
  3. mingus

    KoAloha Naupaka Soprano

    Hello, I have a wonderful KoAloha Naupaka (half koa and half mango) soprano up for sale! It is delightful, but I have decided I want the tenor version. So, I am selling to help fund the new purchase. This ukulele is beautiful, plays wonderfully, and sounds great! No issues, great setup, and...
  4. mingus

    Found a SWEET DEAL

    Thought you all might like to see this sweet deal… Used open box, but in mint condition:
  5. mingus

    Bruko #6 - Mahogany Soprano

    Another great ukulele up for grabs! Standard Bruko #6 in MINT condition with brand new Kala case. Sounds, looks, and plays great! Brand new Worth strings. I have been on a buying spree and am trying to thin the herd some. $175 shipped. Send questions to: kendallkharrisonATgmailDOTcom...
  6. mingus

    Rebel Double Cream Soprano - Mango

    Another great ukulele up for grabs! All solid mango Rebel - gloss finish. Fantastic condition originally purchased from MIM. Sounds, looks, and plays great! Brand new Living Water strings, and I changed out the gold Gotoh UPT tuners for silver ones with black buttons. I have been on a...
  7. mingus

    KoAloha KTM-00 (2011)

    Hello, I have a wonderful 2011 KoAloha KTM-00 up for grabs! This one is in great condition, plays great, and sounds wonderful - looks great too! Check out the KoAloha inlay on the bridge! I don’t really play tenors, and I traded a Pohaku soprano September 2020 for this one. I wanted to try...
  8. mingus

    Gotoh UPTL Geared Tuners

    Hello, I just got a new ukulele that came with gold Gotoh UPTL tuners. I wanted chrome instead, so swapped them out. These tuners are practically brand new, MINT condition and zero issues. They are yours for $45 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Email me for details...
  9. mingus

    WTB - Sopranino or Sopranissimo Ukulele

    Looking for a mini ukulele!! Would prefer a KoAloha Noah, DJ Morgan, Black Bear, Talsma, John Daniel, Ohana Pequeno, etc. Let me know what you have! Thanks!!
  10. mingus

    WTB - Bruko Soprano

    Anybody have a nice little Bruko soprano that needs some attention?
  11. mingus

    Random Ukulele Stuff FOR SALE!!

    Hello, I have a bunch of relatively new stuff for sale that isn’t being used. All of it was purchased within the last (6) months, so pretty much new condition. 1. Stew Mac - Fret Dressing File $10 2. Stew Mac - soprano/concert Nut File set $20 3. Reamer - used to fit a set of UPT tuners $8...
  12. mingus

    WTB - DJ Morgan Mini Pineapple

    So, I have bought and sold a couple of them. Each time I shipped, I immediately regretted it. Any one have one that is not getting enough play time?
  13. mingus

    KoAloha Mango Concert - KCM-00MG - TRADE or SALE

    Hello, I have a delightful KoAloha Mango concert ukulele up for grabs! It was my gift over this past Christmas. Purchased new the week before Christmas from Ukulele Lab in Hawaii. Build date is October 2020. Comes with an awesome hard case, and I upgraded the tuners to Gotoh UPT with cream...
  14. mingus

    Outdoor Tenor Ukulele - Mint - Moonshine

    Hello, I have a tenor Outdoor ukulele for sale in the moonshine finish with silver tuners. It is MINT and not getting play time! Comes with a Kaces gig bag (KUKT). Everything together is worth $195. Uke and bag for $130 shipped (CONUS), Ukulele only - $115 shipped. Thanks for looking! Can...
  15. mingus

    WTB - Black Bear Cigar Box Uke

    Another long shot, but looking for a Black Bear Cigar Box Ukulele, thanks!
  16. mingus

    WTB - Ukiyo Vita Uke

    Looking for a Ukiyo Vita Uke in good condition! I know it’s a long shot, thanks!
  17. mingus

    Kamaka HP-1 - Pineapple Soprano

    Hello and Happy Holidays! I have a delightful Kamaka pineapple ukulele up for sale! I did have this listed back in September because I was trying to raise some funds by selling a few sopranos. I took down the original post because I had a bad case of seller's remorse with this one. Well...
  18. mingus

    Fanner Electric Baritone - Semi-Hollow Body in RELIC Blue

    Hello and Happy Holidays! Well, I've been at it again...trying out some new ukuleles! I saw this Fanner electric baritone on Reverb at the end of November. It looked so amazing, I just had to give it a try! Well, it is amazing, but I am not much of an electric ukulele kind of player. Here...
  19. mingus

    FREE - Kaces Tenor Case

    Hello! I got a new case for a tenor ukulele, so this gig bag is up for grabs! It is the Kaces Tenor Size Ukulele Bag (KUKT2). Thick padding and in good shape! It’s FREE, but you will need to cover ALL shipping costs.
  20. mingus

    Bruko Soprano - Cedar and Zebrawood - Arched Thin Body

    Hello! I've decided to start a new post for the Bruko soprano. It is wonderful sounding and playing ukulele! Cedar top with Zebrawood back and sides. It is a thin body, but sounds amazing. It is in almost new condition with a fresh set of Worth Brown strings. Comes with case and even a...