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    UAS is irrational

    Just received... It is a Mya Moe mango soprano built in 2010 by Gordon and Char Mayer and was listed on Flea Market Music marketplace.
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    UAS is irrational

    My UAS has been cured with the acquisition of a wonderful KoAloha 25th Anny model. I love it. The uke that arrives today has nothing to do with UAS and was a completely rational decision.
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    How to take the next step?

    Just released today. I consider a tremendous session on soloing/improvising. (Note: lesson by Tyler at Ten Thumbs, not by Jake)
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    Herb Ohta Jr

    Replay now posted:
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Another new poster who has been playing a long time! (beat Teddy to the punch here) Welcome Andrew! Andrew did reach out for additional feedback regarding his course. I did give him some thoughts which he graciously acknowledged. I encourage others to click on the link and offer helpful...
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    any review of Journey Instruments long-neck sopranos?

    Oh yeah! I have one somewhere... which case is it in? Turns out I have the solid sitka one. I actually purchased it after watching Stu Fuchs play it a few times on some of his youtube sessions. I thought (and still do) that it was interesting enough to consider for the $199 price. It is a...
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    I would not call out this poster since this post is informative and on topic. I hope if Andrew is very good, that he selects some sample lessons from each level for others to try. The two I saw were not very convincing.
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    Would anyone like a Halloween concert via Zoom?

    I say you go for it! You are "new" here but from what I gather, the Halloween theme would fit you perfectly.
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    Which mid price would you go for?

    I recommend figuring out a way to try one and see if you like it or not. It would be great if you can try at least one Kala and one Ohana to see if you have a preference (whatever criteria you choose to use). Then buy one that you like without worrying whether a different one might be better or...
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Looks like a bunch of short videos, under two minutes. Clicking on basic has two preview beginner videos. My initial impression is not good. On the tuning and holding the uke video, extent of tuning is "tune it G, C, E, A" (paraphrased, but that is it). Same with holding the uke.
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    ... and there is now one for sale at Flea Market Music...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    I think the most common reason for an Enya and other plastic ones is to keep in the car and not have to worry about the temperature extremes. People also like them for "rougher" activities like camping, going to the beach, travelling, and not having to worry at all about the environmental...
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    Or maybe you have the month to consume as much of the entire content as you can. Then if you need more time, pay for an additional month. Looks like the middle "elite" membership actually includes some interactions like a zoom Q&A and video submission feedback.
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    Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Academy

    When I look at the linked site, cheapest is $37.99 a month. Two other tiers at $49.99 and $199.99 per month. Not a single use fee that I can find.
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    Which renowned Luthier uses x bracing?
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    Rosen "carbon fiber" concert

    It is somewhat entertaining to peruse the Amazon listing for the Rosen and the Donner. It is reasonably obvious that they will be competing against each other with some very similar ukuleles (likely made at the same factory). I would personally get an Enya because they have proven themselves to...
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    NUD: One man's lightly used is another gal's treasure

    Another pricing surprise after reading your post. The satin concert elite is $849, BUT the gloss koa is $1499. Fancier appointments, but a satin KoAloha concert (pikake) is around $925 maybe.
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    Which renowned Luthier uses x bracing?

    This does not answer your question, but may be a starting point:
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    NUD: One man's lightly used is another gal's treasure

    Nice acquisition. I have read so many good reports in this forum about their elite line. Perhaps I will be able to try one in the near future (I am only two hours drive from Kala but never had the desire to visit... maybe this will prompt me to go). Edit addition: I just visited the Kala...
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    Please, help! I dropped my iPhone in water.

    Agreed. The worst thing you can do is turn it on to see if it is working while there is still water that might cause a short circuit. Maybe contact Apple directly (if nothing else, they may offer a refurbished replacement at an excellent price).