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    FS Magic Fluke M10 Hibiscus Fluke

    As new Magic Fluke M10 Hibiscus (red) Concert Fluke. Only a few hours playing time on it. Polycarbonate fretboard, standard tuners, stock strings. Playing mostly tenor scale these days, so this beauty needs a new home. MSRP $275 at Magic Fluke. This one is yours for $165 plus shipping. Having...
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    Ever played a LoPrinzi Nova Tenor?

    Just curious whether anyone here has owned or played the LoPrinzi Nova Tenor model? Sound, sustain, ease of play?
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    Pono MGTP?

    Looking for feedback from Pono MGTP (mango tenor pineapple) owners as to the comfort, sound, fit, finish and volume of these ukuleles? Thanks.
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    WTB Roundback baritone ukulele

    Anyone have a Roundback baritone they want to sell? Clearwater or Ohana? If so, please PM with info. Thanks!
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    WTB Martin 2K tenor ukulele

    Looking for a Martin 2K tenor ukulele. Anyone have one they want to re-home?
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    New Mahogony Tiny Tenor

    Snowy day here in the Northeast, so browsing the various ukulele sites. Just discovered the New Mahogony Tiny Tenor and XS tiny tenor on the Ukulele Site! Daniel Ho is doing the demo clip for it. Looks lovely and sounds great!
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    Pineapple long neck or pineapple Sunday?

    Hi all. Looking for input, opinions, thoughts on pineapple long necks (soprano/concert) and pineapple Sundays? I mostly play tenors..... Thanks
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    Martin Iz tenor

    Wonder if anyone has gotten or played one of the Martin Iz tenors yet? Would love to have some feedback on it