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    New bed for my uke to lie in

    My Koaloha tenor has a new home to lie in now. Just receive this and some other goodies this week. Love the red stitching against the black case. Uke fits nicely. The keychains have lights too. Too cool.
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    Would Classical guitar strings work on a tenor?

    Hi guys, I am just wondering if a light tension classical guitar string(1st 4 strings) work on a tenor uke. Anyone tried it before? I am not looking for the tension of a tenor ukulele but more of something like a soprano scale tension on a tenor. I want something with less tension. Hoping to...
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    The Sceptre is back!

    Hi everyone, I just saw a video from SUS. Looks like the sceptre is back! The bridge is absolutely gorgeous. I love the layered headstock too. They sound really bright! Unfortunately I don’t think I can afford them! So I will just look from afar.
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    Anuenue S10 Bird vs Cordoba mini

    Hi, I am looking for another 20 in scale guitar. There are quite some reviews on the Cordoba mini but I can’t seem to find much info on the Anuenue S10 online. Just wondering if anyone here owns one or has played it before. I am looking for a comparison between the 2 before I buy. Here’s the...
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    Romero Creations Grand Tenor vs Signature Replica

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a tenor and can’t decide between the 2. Anyone here own both or has played both before? I know the grand tenor has a bigger body and so would most likely have a better Low range. It joints the body at the 14th fret while the replica on the 12th fret. I have watched...
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    Recommendation for thicker Flourocarbon strings

    Hi everyone, I am looking for recommendation on any fluorocarbon strings that are thicker. My limited knowledge on strings have always thought that they are very similar in diameter. I only have experience with the worth mediums and living water strings. Mainly because I have no access to many...
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    NUD or NGD : Romero Creations Baritone 6

    Hi everyone, Here to share my joy of getting my hand on this. After owning a few Tenors, concerts and sopranos I decided that I wanted to get a baritone for a fuller sound and have it tuned A to A. As I already have a couple of guitars and mini guitars tuned E to E, my aim was to find one tuned...
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    KoAloha Tenor New vs Old

    Hi guys, I tried looking around for this information but can’t seem to find it. So hoping some here might know this. Is the scale length on the new tenors the same as the old ones since they no longer join the body at the same fret(15 vs 14). If they are not is the scale on the new ones...
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    Koaloha Opio uneven string volume

    Hi everyone, I have been mostly a lurker here and have learnt a lot from you guys here. I started with a Pono Concert and now have them in all 3 sizes. I have discovered that the Soprano is too tight for my fingers(but I love the sound of it) and I am really between a concert and a Tenor. For...
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    Suggestions for Low G unwound string options.

    Hi everyone, I came back from a trip and found my Pono Tenor pop it's low G string. They were original strings that came with the uke from HMS. I have to say I am quite surprise it popped so fast as I just got the uke a few months ago. Right now I don't have a spare set to replace them. Is it...
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    Cordoba Guitalele

    For those of you who are considering a guitalele you might like to consider the new Cordoba guitalele. I have to say I am quiet impressed by it. I started playing guitars from my teens and stopped playing for about 20 years. Recently I picked up the ukulele and was hooked by it. It's like an...
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    Q: Can you fit a Pono tenor into a Kala bag?

    Hi everyone, Would appreciate if anyone here can advise if I can fit a Pono tenor into the kala gig bag. Looking at the dimensions online it looks very tight so I thought I'ld ask if anyone has done this. I am looking for the smallest gig bag I can find. Unfortunately I am buying it online and...
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    Question on Pono Tenors neck

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting a Pono tenor. I have read many times people mentioning that it has a wide neck, or fatter neck cos of the thrust rod. I would like to ask what do you guys mean by this? When you say fat/thick do you mean that the radius of the neck is fatter than normal or...
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    Worth strings help

    Hi everyone Need some advice on worth strings. Looking at the web I realized that they have different types. I.e CL, CM, CF, CT, CT-LG. I am looking for strings for my concert size uke. From what I understand C = clear strings L = light M = medium F = fat CT = tenor strings CT-LG = low G...
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    Hello everyone, I am wondering what is the best way to get in touch with them. I emailed them twice but haven't got a reply. I am traveling to Germany so am thinking of popping by their shop/factory to buy a uke. Can we do that? Do they have a store front? Thanks Ryan
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone, This is my first posting here and so I think it is most appropriate to have it here. About 6 months ago I was stuck in LA due to some oversight on my part on my travel plans. Ended up not being able to fly up to Canada. However somehow or other I found myself in Sam Ash's store and...