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  1. Pixiegod

    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    If "stuff" (=ukes) is too slippery, and a strap does not help or is not an option, you might consider a "pickers cloth". It is a thin rubber sheet you put between you and your hopefully not too massive "front" that prevents slipping (something like this...
  2. Pixiegod

    Thanks for your comment on my playing "Vincent" in the Flea thread. It you like the song, I have...

    Thanks for your comment on my playing "Vincent" in the Flea thread. It you like the song, I have a link to the (free) tabs on the soundcloud page (). There is also a vid with a much nicer version than mine there :-) Maybe you want to have a go at it too (Low-G). Cheers!
  3. Pixiegod

    Magic Flea sound

    @VegasGeorge : I can only speak for myself -- I don't care much about the look and shape of a uke; for me, the playability and sound comes first. If the looks match up, even better. I consider myself a serious player, and I also own Ko'aloha, Martin, aNueNue, Brüko, to name a few. And still, I...
  4. Pixiegod

    Magic Flea sound

    Just my subjective 2 cents: I find the neck super easy to play -- the nice action helps me fly over the fretboard, and I find other, more pricey ukes harder to play. As you can see in the picture in my sound bit post above, I have a strap too. It is an official flea strap that you can buy in...
  5. Pixiegod

    Magic Flea sound

    Well, I wouldn't go as far as saying the Magic Fluke Co has been around for a century, but a bit more than 20 years sounds right. I was lucky to find a used concert Flea with a hardwood fretboard. I am very happy with it, play it every day. It is my only uke with Low-G, and I keep it next to my...
  6. Pixiegod

    Freight Train - Duets for One

    Well done! I am working on that piece as well right now, but I don't sound nearly as good as you. The strumming approach is very interesting, might try that. Had to chuckle at the floral print strap in your spec list -- probably changes the tone of your uke a lot :-)
  7. Pixiegod

    Anyone own both a standard and a long neck Soprano ? Which do you prefer ?

    I agree with some other posts before, but want to sum up my take on it. The sopranos have the most "original" uke sound, but the fretboard in many cases does not allow to play some pieces (beyond the 12th fret). So if you like the soprano sound and want to play literature with an extended range...
  8. Pixiegod

    KCM-00 UG?

    Maybe a typo, instead of MG someone typed UG?
  9. Pixiegod

    Help: Avatar Not Showing In Posts

    I am a forum member for some time now. I put up an avatar in my profile, too, but it is never showing in my posts. Any idea why that may be?
  10. Pixiegod

    Vincent / Starry Starry Night

    Hi, this is my first ever post of a uke song I recorded. Since I am not capable of playing this through without major stumbles, I just recorded the audio of it and edited parts together. I think you can hear some editing pops once in a while. The uke used was a concert Flea, with Worth BM-LG...
  11. Pixiegod

    Which Worth Strings for a Concert Flea?

    I recently acquired a nice Concert Flea (used). It has a metal wound Low-G on it, and some dark fluorcarbons on it. I would like to put some new strings on then, because the sound a bit muffled (the metal-wound probably is not a problem, because the uke has a wooden fretboard, but I still want...