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    Aquila strings on new ukuleles

    GF2, well I was born in Arborea village, 6 km far form the Mediterranean sea in west direction. I sometime come back to my island. Mimmo
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    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    Ciao Jim, In the basic model there is not pickup. We install the equipment under request: the jack will be installed at the center of the plastic body: the jack can work also like strap attachment. ------ Bill 1: I spent more than 1 year to develop this set. The 1st nd 2nd employ a bioplastic...
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    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    Which are the origin of the name Guitalele/guitarlele/guilele? The dimension and expecially the tuning. On a guitalele it start from A (same like the ukulele). In those time no E tuning same of guitar was available. But when the E tuning set was available it is questionable if we can call it...
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    Aquila strings on new ukuleles

    Thank you very much guys, this was just a short story in order to answer to the question 'how what possible that aquila... etc etc'. I am very happy to be there together you: I am a player since a lot of time ago (Lute and classical guitar then ukulele). Yes, i like also to answer to all your...
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    Aquila strings on new ukuleles

    you want to know the real story? here is: -in 1997 I have discovered a new plastic better than nylon (which was used for brooms.....) that I called 'Nylgut' (nylon plus gut). In 1999 I introduced Nylgut trebles in a few Aquila guitar sets. -In the end of 2001 that was Christmas time I sent...
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    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    In order to keep stable this low price (it is really low) we taken the decision to avoid any kind of distributorboth in EU and in USA. With a distributor the final price will be twice. Not so good. The only possibility is to order directly in our on line store.
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    Here is the new aquila Microguitar

    hello guys, here is a short presentation -with English subtitles- of the new Aquila Microguitar. The Microguitar is not a Guitalele/Guilele, it is the first, real micronized classical guitar (thanks to the special strings just designed for it) that is tuned exaclty like a guitar (i.e., in E)...
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    D'Addario Nyltech Soprano Strings?

    hello guys, Nyltech strings are made in our headquarter here in Italy. Every month we receive an order of bulk strings from Daddario. They are packaged in USA. We have with them a very good relationship. Take care Mimmo
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    Guilele/Guitalele tuning options

    Hello anyone. I would like to share with you these string options for Guitalele/ guilele Mimmo Nylgut A Tuning (96C): Red Series A Tuning (133C): High E Tuning (145C): Red Series E Tuning (153C)...
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    Video concerning the comparation about all the Aquila ukulele sets

    Hello guys, I hope that this videos can be of some help.:) Mimmo
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    The Weight of Ukulele Strings

    Hello, I hope that the formula we at Aquilastrings employ can be easier :) Mimmo
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    Aquila Squekless sugar strings finally available

    here is guys, take care :D Mimmo
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    Aquila ukulele sugar strings: are there available a few haters because squeack noise?

    Hello guys, Mimmo of Aquilastrings here. After a lot of efords and failures I think to have found the solution to the squeak of the Sugar strings that affect some 50% of the uke players May I ask -please- a few of volunteers that are real haters of the Sugar string's squeack in order to...
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    The Aquila strings sardina ukulele festival, Italy. 1-2 Augustr 2020

    The Aquila strings sardina ukulele festival, Italy. 1-2 August 2020 :D General informations: 0039-(0) 444 986972; (Valentina)
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    Aquila Sugar strings? And now testing better version... what to do?

    Here is like the Sugar string samples looks like: Squeack: there is still this problem unfortunatey. It goes away after a week or so on or using a bit of hand creme. I will try again new solutions. What about the sound quality? Some of you whouls have received the samples. You can have the...
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    Aquila Sugar strings? And now testing better version... what to do?

    Aquila Sugar strings? I am testing a better version... what to do? Hi guys, I have a question: In order to reduce the problem of squeack (and to have the performance similar to the fluorcarbon strings) ther Sugar set is made, from the begginning, not with pure Sugar polymer but with a blend...
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    Fake packaged Aquila strings

    Hello guys, Our China agent taken a few pictures in a Chinese ukulele factory. I cannot tell the name there but it is a big factory. In these pictures these guys are packaging original aquila strings that we currently supply them in bulks (because they make ukulele for some important western uke...
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    Aquila red series set news: some volunteers are wecome

    Aquila red series set news: some volunteers are welcome Alhoa guys, Mimmo of aquila there... You know the recent Sugar uke strings made from sugar cane- polymer that are so bright... well, I had the idea to make a few of red series sets using Sugar polymer, that it is bright itshelf, instead...
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    The new Aquila Laser photoluminescence strings are here!

    Dear guys, I have a very interesting novelty to share with you: the new Phosphorescent Laser ukulele strings. From now you can play by night without any artificial light. :D See here:
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    Aquila Sugar strings with less tension: which is the final response ?

    Hi guys, in a post a few dudes wrote that maybe the Sugar ukulele strings has too tension in comparation with the fluorocarbon ones I have explained that it is not true because thay has the same gauges of the Supernylgut/new Nylgut strings. However, some guys suggested me to produce a few...