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    Old Hilo, “Music is what feelings sound like”

    My aunt gave me an old Hilo ‘ukulele. There is no label (front or back), but the brass logo on the headstock makes me wonder whether this could have been made in Japan. I can’t tell whether the phrase on the soundboard was added by some other owner along the way, or if it came this way from...
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    'Ukuleles featured in commercials

    I detect a drastic increase in commercials which use an ‘ukulele in their soundtrack. Most such commercials don’t show the ‘ukulele, but you can recognize the distinctive sound. This commercial features an ‘ukulele which looks to me like a Mainland model. The name has been carefully removed...
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    CNC sculpting machine Something like this should be able to at least rough-in an archtop soundboard, after which a luthier could tap for tone and use a scraper to adjust the result. Perhaps that day is already here. Pardon me if you've already posted about such a contraption.
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    19” scale Epiphone Roadie

    I just picked up one of these from Craigslist. It’s a guitar called the Epi Roadie. It is a solid body with steel strings, a single humbucker pickup, a radiused fingerboard and a 19” scale. Recommended tuning is G-C-F-A#-D-G, but I plan to experiment with different string diameters to see what’s...
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    6-String Guitar store in Camarillo CA

    Has anyone here done business with a company named 6-String Guitar in Camarillo? Yelp has favorable reviews for their guitar lessons, but I can't find anything about the store itself. Not successful searching either. Maybe one of you knows more?
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    1910's Grinnell Bros-Nunes 'ukulele on Craigslist in Nashville TN

    Not sure whether this goes here or in the Marketplace. It's not my 'uke, I just spotted the Craigslist ad and thought it might be interesting to someone here. Mods, if this should be in the Marketplace, please move. Thank you.
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    Case for Mainland Longneck Pineapple Concert

    After a long search, I found a hard-foam case to fit my Mainland Concert-sized tenor-neck pineapple. I found it here: Delivery was astonishingly fast. I ordered it late January 7 and selected free shipping (not Prime). It was shipped on January 8...
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    Non-wound .017" Nylon or Fluorocarbon string to fit banjo

    My father is looking for a non-wound 0.017" diameter string to fit his Van Eps 5-string banjo. He uses this diameter on string 1 and on string 5 because that's what Fred Van Eps told him to use. He's down to his last spare string. Any ideas as to source? Nylon or Fluorocarbon is okay. String...
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    Jake Shimabukuro is returning to the Franklin Theatre in Tennessee (October 2015)

    Jake Shimabukuro will be at the Franklin Theatre in mid-October of this year (2015). Franklin, TN is south of Nashville, and off of I-65. There are some tickets left.
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    Ukulele cases at Summer NAMM 2015

    I sought out ukulele case makers at Summer NAMM, and found Stagg, Gator, and Saga/Superior. Stagg was showing a case covered with a golden tan fabric and lined with a velvet-like material. It included a compartment in which you can store picks, a capo, or extra strings. Gator was showing a...
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    Theoretical Cigar Box Mini-amp project

    I found a kit on Amazon to assemble an amplifier in a cigar box. It was a simple 2.5 Watt amp with one control knob and a small speaker. It made me wonder about a similar project. Suppose you had a... Danelectro DH-1 Hodad Mini-amp, a cigar box, and an old boom-box/stereo gathering dust. Could...
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    Value of used Riptide tenor ECUT-2V ?

    I have researched this on the Web and do not trust the prices I found because they vary so widely. I'm looking at a cutaway tenor with a pre-amp. It has a solid spruce top, laminated rosewood back and sides, and abalone purfling. There is no logo on the soundboard, and no abalone around the...
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    Uke Republic closed until 6-27-2015

    My wife and I found a Closed sign when we stopped by the store. The sign advised us to check the calendar on their Website before coming by. I wanted to alert any of you who were planning a trip there this week. I searched for and finally found the calendar but it wasn't easy to locate...
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    Summer NAMM in Nashville TN

    I am not involved in any sort of Music Business, but can possibly get in as a music student. Should I try? Is there a fee to attend? Have any of you attended the Summer NAMM in Nashville? What should I expect? Will any ukulele vendors have a booth, or will it be devoted solely to other instruments?
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    Moderator review pending

    A couple of my posts have recently been blocked for moderator review. Both included links, but I've made other posts with links which were not blocked. I posted two replies to "Ukuleles with scale length between concert and tenor?" (in the Uke Talk forum) which have yet to appear. A message...