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  1. Pixiegod

    Help: Avatar Not Showing In Posts

    I am a forum member for some time now. I put up an avatar in my profile, too, but it is never showing in my posts. Any idea why that may be?
  2. Pixiegod

    Vincent / Starry Starry Night

    Hi, this is my first ever post of a uke song I recorded. Since I am not capable of playing this through without major stumbles, I just recorded the audio of it and edited parts together. I think you can hear some editing pops once in a while. The uke used was a concert Flea, with Worth BM-LG...
  3. Pixiegod

    Which Worth Strings for a Concert Flea?

    I recently acquired a nice Concert Flea (used). It has a metal wound Low-G on it, and some dark fluorcarbons on it. I would like to put some new strings on then, because the sound a bit muffled (the metal-wound probably is not a problem, because the uke has a wooden fretboard, but I still want...