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  1. Jools1050

    Kanilea Islander GL6

    Hi all, I hope someone might be able to give me some help please. I've owned the above instrument for a while now and haven't really used it as I've been having touch fun with my ukulele and guitars. So I've purchased some new strings, Aquila 96c that are designed specifically for the guilele...
  2. Jools1050


    And so begins my return to four strings. The Fireball landed today and it's a beauty. Seems like every time I hear a song on the radio nowadays I'm trying to guess if it will lend itself to a uke cover!!! I haven't got round to plugging it in yet but acoustically it's very sweet. Can't wait...
  3. Jools1050

    Been too long

    Hi everyone, I've been away from here for far too long. I only took up the uke as a way to add another dimension to my guitar playing, but my word did it take over. I did the usual thing of treating myself to a few NUDs and was having a ball. But after being made redundant from my job, I took...
  4. Jools1050

    Big Island tenor ukulele

    Hi all, I haven't been here for a long time as my hobbies lead me away from the Uke path! So it's time for the inevitable clear-out. First one to go is my big-island tenor. Bought from a forum member a couple years ago. I'm looking for £300. The sale includes the case. I could deliver if you are...
  5. Jools1050

    Streets Of London. Ralph McTell Here's my arrangement of Ralph McTells -Streets Of London. Hope you like it , please let me know your thoughts. Enjoy !!!
  6. Jools1050

    Staring me in the face !

    Ever since buying my first uke more than a year ago, I've never really felt comfortable when playing. I always feel like the damn thing is ready to jump out of my hands and I am constantly struggling to find a balance point so that the head doesn't drop down. Then I usually press down so hard on...
  7. Jools1050

    Some things I like .........

    Ya know, one of the things I love about the ukulele and ukulele players is that people from all walks of life and abilities play it. Some of us record our attempts on the spur of the moment, some of us produce more refined results. Some of us are captured by friends and some of us play behind...
  8. Jools1050

    Mad world ........gary jules

    Here's my attempt at Mad World by Gary Jules Hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments, I like to know what you think about it.
  9. Jools1050

    You Got A Friend James Taylor
  10. Jools1050


    This little gem arrived in the post this morning, bought from Kev, a member right here on UU. Thanks again Kev, it was all you described and a little bit more !!! Well packaged too, pleasure doin business with ya.
  11. Jools1050

    Damn and blast !!!! GGGERRRRRRR !!!!!

    So, I've Ben learning a new piece to play for a couple weeks now. It's my own arrangement and I really like the results. In the past whenever I ask my wife to film me playing, it usually takes a gazzilion attempts to get one passable video down. Tonight , I had the house to myself so I thought...
  12. Jools1050


    Well this was a surprise !!! My wife bought me it from a local admag, it's fantastic! It's "Pre-Loved" and when ya look close it's not without its war wounds but it sounds great and that's the main thing right ? The best part is she only paid £70 for it !!! I had to clean it up a lot and put...
  13. Jools1050

    Desperado Here's my arrangement of Desperado by the Eagles.
  14. Jools1050

    New member alert !!!

    I'm selling the ukulele I first bought , a kala Bocote, and my son asked me today if I will teach him to play ! I didn't have to think for very long I can tell ya ! What a fantastic way to enjoy a bit of extra time with my lad. He did ask if I would teach him to play the banjo !! Don't worry, I...
  15. Jools1050

    Boulder creek riptide

    I'm drawn towards this good looker, does anyone know how they sound? It appeals to me on a cosmetic basis but I can't try before I buy !!
  16. Jools1050

    Saddle lifting.

    Hi Peeps, I bought a used ukulele off eBay and it's a good looking piece of wood. It's a Kala spalted maple and only cost me £145 so I wasn't expecting K brand quality, but I have to say it sounds great with bags of sustain. It's sounds a little on the bright side but that can be sorted with new...
  17. Jools1050

    Something - The Beatles Here's my attempt at Something by the Beatles
  18. Jools1050

    Gorgeous baritone
  19. Jools1050

    A little bemused !!

    I found out through Facebook that there was a ukulele open day at a shop in Batley ( UK ) and dragged my better half along in the hopes of acquiring my second Uke. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement ! I knew the distributer from Kala was going to be there so expected there to be a good...
  20. Jools1050

    Belly muffler !!!

    I've just been walking about my house room to room and corner to corner to find the best acoustics, and found them halfway up the stairs. But........ While doing so, I moved the uke away from my body to adjust my grip and it was like someone plugged me into an amp !!! The volume increased by...