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    Adjusting braces post build

    I often come across ukuleles where a note is “off” and am tempted to play with the bracing to adjust the sound. I tried this on a cheap riptide soprano that had a massive side sound hole and I could get a chisel in there to pretty much eliminate the bracing.. the top was thick enough that even...
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    Collings Doghair Finish Mahogany tenor

    Selling one of the most aesthetically striking ukuleles from Collings. This Ukulele has Bill's signature. It sounds as impressive as it looks. Collings ukuleles have a light build that resonates with its entire body and neck. I had been waiting to own this one for a long time and I have enjoyed...
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    Compass Rose Koa Tenor - Rick Turner

    I picked up this ukulele from Gryphon Strings early on in my ukulele journey. This ukulele has been my go-to standard when comparing ukuleles for action, playability, and sound. This ukulele sounds good up the neck and has a very modern sound. I based the neck of a few custom ukuleles on this...
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    Pepe Romero Moon Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood - Custom built by Pepe

    I bought this Ukulele from Pepe himself. This was a uke he had available while the waiting list was around a year or 2. This ukulele sounds amazing and the main thing that stood out for me was the evenness and balance across all nodes across all fret positions. This is due to his skin bracing...
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    NUD: EJ Henderson, Red Spruce and Maple Tenor

    I learnt about Jane ( from a fretboard journal podcast ( ) few years back and had reached out to be added to her waitlist. Last year she had a tenor that was at risk of...
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    Custom Martin in space via spacex

    A lovely little custom Martin made its way into space. It will auctioned off for charity later. more details here
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    Soprano in the morning, tenor all day and baritone to chill and sleep at night

    Play sopranos in the morning, the bright cheerfulness is perfect to wake one up and get the day started. Tenor with a low g fills the soul all day long, preserving the cheerfulness of the morning but adding a lot more depth and intricacy of sound. Once the day is done, pull out the baritone and...
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    Book covering Chuck Moore

    Check out There is a 40% off coupon TOGETHER4T There is also a magazine format for the same book for a lot less on the same site
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    Poll: How many ukes do you own? May 2021

    It has been close to 6 months since we did this poll last This thread reminded me: I think we are ready...
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    Noob question: why not build a ukulele more like a violin

    I have witnessed a few ukes that had a note that did not sound as good as the rest, often the F note on a soprano. This most likely was an issue with bracing and voicing. Opening up a violin to adjust bracing or address structural issues seems to be part of a violin’s maintenance over the years...
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    Sopranos are like puppies and better! ;-)

    - They bark but it is cute and lovely when they do it. - They seem loud without hurting ears. - If you see on orphaned in a store, you know you can make some space and give it a home. - Playing with them is easy, quick to pick up and carry around, just strumming them is enough to put a smile on...
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    Favilla soprano

    No longer available..
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    Moore Bettah Sweet Leilani

    This is such a gem of a uke! Enjoy!!
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    WTB: Skytop ukulele

    Skytop guitar’s luthier Eric made a few ukuleles over time. I would love to provide a loving home for a Skytop ukulele tenor if someone wants to part with it.
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    Post your 2021 year goals!! Happy new year!!

    1. Learn more songs 2. Come up with more arrangements, original or covers 3. Learn lap steel a bit more 4. Stretch goal, learn to use looper.
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    Poll: How many ukes do you own?

    Taking all variations of ukes into consideration how many ukes do you own?
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    Tinguitar Super Tenor + pickup

    I ordered this uke after reading this review: This uke is from the Brazilian old growth stash he has. I was experimenting with new scales and got a super tenor made. I already owned a soprano uke from Rob. Spec: Tenor...
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    Tinguitar Super Tenor + pickup

    I ordered this uke after reading this review: I was experimenting with new scales and got a super tenor made. I already owned a soprano uke from Rob. Spec: [FONT=PayPalSansSmall-Regular, Helvetica Neue, Arial...
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    Martin centennial style 1

    Selling my Martin Style 1 centennial. It is in near mint condition and barely played. I have clicked details pictures below. There is a tiny bump on the tip of the headstock. This ukes sounds really good and better than style 1 ukes sold by Martin. The wood grain and look is really sweet...
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    Pepe Romero Custom owners

    I was lucky to get a Pepe Romero Custom tenor when a customer had to walk away. It has a German spruce/ moon spruce top with BRW back and sides. Initially it felt a little too punchy but as the uke opened up and warmed up, I am amazed at how good the uke sounds. The quality and power of each...