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    Bridge Patch?

    Is there any need for a bridge patch on the inside of the sound board if the bridge is going to be a tie-block (classical style) bridge? I can't think of a structural reason for it but wanted to bounce it off others more experienced. Thank!
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    Baritone Questions

    Just bought a new Ohana BK35 (solid mahogany baritone). For the money $299, it's a really good Uke. I'm primarily a guitar player and the Standard Baritone tuning DGBE comes in handy for transitioning my playing to the Ukulele; however, was wondering how do most people tune the Baritone...
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    Purple Heart?

    Anybody worked with Purple Heart for back & sides? I'm finishing up a mahogany and Sitka guitar for my oldest daughter and getting ready to build something for my youngest. She wants a tenor ukulele that's "purple". Anything I need to know about working it? Does it bend OK? Is it "oily" and...
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    Lable Question

    Folks, What type of paper do you use to produce your soundhold lable? And then what type of glue are you using attach it? Thanks, Mark
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    Peghead Gluing Advice

    Ok, received the thin Peghead veneers to delineate between the mahogany and Indian Rosewood portions of the Peghead. Also picked up some Steve Smith Epoxy. I am thinking about making a Black, White, Black sandwich with the thin veneers and then gluing between the mahogany and Indian Rosewood...
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    Peghead Veneer Cracked

    Took the clamps off after gluing the veneers to the top of the peghead and the ebony plate was cracked the entire length. Used clamping cauls so not sure what happened. Used LMI White glue. What would be the best way to remove? Thanks for your help! Mark
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    Down Draft Table

    Any one using a down draft table for sanding? After a bad reaction to MDF dust I'm interested in checking these out. If you have one : 1) Does it do a good job keeping most of the dust outta the air? 2) What brand/size are you using? Would you recommend it? Any help appreciated! Thanks, Mark
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    Source for Uke-sized wood

    Folks, Can you respond back with some online sources for Uke-sized woods. Most of the places that I bought guitar-sized wood don't have stuff for ukes. Much Appreciated, Mark
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    Learning to Uke in S. Texas

    Hi folks, Guitar player and amateur guitar builder (wouldn't call myself a Luthier yet). Someone gave me a cool Uke and I can't put the dang thing down. A lot of fun wrapped In a little package. The content on this site is outstanding! Hats off to Aldrine, the moderators and builders of the...
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    Help getting started on building Ukulele

    Looking for some good ukulele building resources. I'm currently "closing the box" on my 4th guitar (current build is an OM w/HOG B&S and Sitka Top). I've bought a Kanile'a Concert Uke and can't put the little sucker down. It's a blast to play and my wife (who i've been begging to let me teach...