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  1. bacchettadavid

    Seeking Contact Microphone Recommendations

    This is a bit of a long shot, but here goes... I am thinking about purchasing a contact microphone to use in conjunction with a Schertler Unico Deluxe. I don't have any experience with this type of pickup, so I'm asking for advice. This mic would be used to amplify a couple of high-end...
  2. bacchettadavid

    FS: Martin 0XK Soprano (includes Gig Bag)

    SOLD. Listing for sale my Martin 0Xk Soprano. Comes with original Martin padded gig bag made by TKL. This 0XK has been my office ukulele for the past few months. I am its second owner. Selling this to help offset a recent acquisition. Complete set of pictures avaliable at Bacchettadavid's...
  3. bacchettadavid

    Pedalboard Reflections

    This post will be the first in a series about 'ukulele amplification and effects. About 1.5 years ago, I set out to explore affected ‘ukulele tone. This journey began innocently enough with the decision to build a pedalboard for my preamp and looping setup but soon veered into obsession as I...
  4. bacchettadavid

    FS: 2012 Koaloha Soprano KSM-00

    Fellow UUers: I'm selling many of my possessions as a part of simplifying my life. One of the things to go is my Koaloha soprano built in 2012. Pics can be seen at: The only issue of note is that the soundboard bowed a bit...
  5. bacchettadavid

    South Florida Ukulele Festival - Ft. Lauderdale, August 5th 2017

    I went to this event last year and had a blast: Artist line-up looks excellent (Kalei Gamiao and Bryan Tolentino? Sign me up!). Venue is a stimulating fine and performing arts space. I hope to see a few other UUers there!
  6. bacchettadavid

    South Florida Ukulele Festival - Ft. Lauderdale, 5/8/2017

    I went to this event last year and had a blast: Artist line-up looks excellent (Kalei Gamiao and Bryan Tolentino? Sign me up!). Venue is a stimulating fine and performing arts space. I hope to see a few other UUers there!
  7. bacchettadavid

    FS Kala Cedar/Acacia KA-ATP-CTG-CE w/ case & strap $180 shipped CONUS

    Selling my Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE. This is a good uke, and this model has a reputation for providing good bang for the buck. I've upgraded the pickup per UUer Kissing's suggestion to the Artec undersaddle transducer. This upgrade significantly improved the uke's amplified sound. Note to...
  8. bacchettadavid

    Upcoming auction this Saturday (includes several noteworthy ukes)

    As per the forum rules, I'm not posting this to the marketplace. "The Musical Instrument Collection of Lawrence David Clark", ran by Bruneau and Co. Auctioneers. 275 lots, many of them reputable vintage brands of guitar, banjo, pedal steels, etc. Lots 100-111 feature several interesting...
  9. bacchettadavid

    Kala electronics upgrade?

    Fellow UUers: I've begun learning to sing with the aid of a 30-watt acoustic amp, which really draws attention to my Kala's lackluster stock electronics. I tolerate the shortcomings in the pickup and preamp when I use a 5-watt modeling amp for home practice, but when issued forth from a...
  10. bacchettadavid

    Strings Giveaway - Round 2

    Aloha, fellow UUers! I am giving away more strings this weekend. After selling my Kala acacia soprano, I have 2 string sets for soprano left over. Before you all try to convince me to buy another soprano, I have a Koaloha soprano, which I string with Worths. I am giving away the following...
  11. bacchettadavid

    Strings giveaway

    Fellow UUers: I recently made an error while placing an order through HMS, and as a result, I wound up with 2 sets of concert-size Aquila Red low G strings. I do not own a concert ukulele, so these strings are useless to me.(...extra strings are not an excuse to buy another ukulele...extra...
  12. bacchettadavid

    Kanile'a K-1 Super Concert Premium

    Model & Year 2014 Kanile'a K-1 Super Concert Premium Price Paid & Condition $1000 new Reason for Puchase & Purchase Process Sought a Hawaiian-made ukulele after playing a Chinese-made ukulele every day for several months. 3 models were tested: a Kamaka tenor, a Koaloha concert, and a Kanile'a...
  13. bacchettadavid

    For Sale or Trade: KA-GAS Kala Golden Acacia Soprano

    SOLD Kala KA-GAS Golden Acacia Soprano. SN 1207. Solid top, laminate back and sides. Satin finish, very tactile to play. Closed gear tuners. Strings switched out for Ko'olau Alohis. In excellent condition. Bought it new from a local music store. Selling/Trading it because I've been...
  14. bacchettadavid

    Hello from rural South Florida

    Six months ago, my little cousin introduced me to the ukulele. I fell in love with the instrument (a Makala dolphin) almost immediately and proceeded to sit on her couch for 3 hours while I strummed and tried to figure out basic I-V-vi-IV progressions and the rhythm changes in a couple of keys...