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    How to pronounce Likelike (that highway) in Oahu?

    This question has bothered my wife and I for a while now. I've been calling it "like like" (as the the word "like"). Wife wants to call it something totally different. I'm hoping somebody who knows can set us straight. Thanks.
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    I finally did it (ukes are made for the car)

    So, I made my solo uke debut yesterday! You see, I've been playing the uke for more than a year and have never played it for anybody except my son. Even my wife tells me not to play it to her. The local uke jams but they aren't meeting because of COVID. So, I'm all alone with my uke...
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    Now that it's gone, I miss UAS

    Strange as it sounds, I miss having UAS and browsing ukuleles. I love playing the ukulele, maybe even more than ever; but there's just zero desire to shop. At first, I thought this was a good thing as it saves me lots of money; but, after a while, I miss the fun of uke shopping. Anybody else...
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    7 early signs of addiction 1. Secrecy and suspicion Hiding the uke purchases from friends and family. 2. Removing themselves from family and friends Practicing the uke for hours all by yourself. 3. Constantly needing money UAS isn't cheap. 4...
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    Uke string question

    From the string threads appearing here, I'm beginning to think I'm doing something unusual. When I first started out, I changed the strings on my uke after 3 months because I was pressing too hard and put dents into the strings where they contact the frets. Since then, I use a much lighter...
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    Sometimes a little music theory is good

    A few days ago, I overheard my son playing the scales on my guitar. I hadn't taught him anything on the guitar because he showed zero interest in the uke. I was so surprised so I asked him about it later. He said that he figured out that each fret is 1/2 step and he already know the scale...
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    Korg TM-60 + CM-200 for $30

    I've been using this tuner for over a year now, and I think this is a good deal because it includes the CM-200 cable/mic (I had to buy mine separately). What I like about this tuner: - Fast response to frequency changes during tuning and accurate to +/- 1 cent. - Metronome that's easy to use...
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    uke vs car price

    My oh my, I just did something that I probably shouldn't have done: I compared my uke cost against my car's cost. Now, I don't drive an expensive car; but, still, it shows either that cars are cheap compared to ukes or ukes are expensive compared to cars, take your pick. So, add up what you...
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    Why do you play? What got you started?

    I play the ukulele to entertain my son; that's also what got me started. I used to play the guitar to him when I was learning the guitar. That lasted a few years. After that I put the guitar away and he wasn't able to request it anymore. That was several years ago. About a year ago, I decided...
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    AKG P420 large diaphragm condenser mic $150 at sweetwater

    While browsing, I saw this on sale at a good price. Disclaimer: I have no relations with Sweetwater or AKG and gains nothing from your purchase. I own this mic and really like it. Its multiple...
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    Absolute pitch identification (a little fun experiment)

    Here's a little experiment; maybe you'll find it interesting too. I think we all know the middle C note. The C on the uke string #3. The C that we've all heard millions of times in all kinds of songs. But can you say if a note is middle C if you hear it? For example, is the note below the...
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    String life too short? Try a light touch.

    Here's something I noticed that may help you. I used to have to replace strings just a little on a month of playing because dents would form on the underside of strings at the fret locations. That was when I first started playing the uke. I didn't know any better. I just assumed that nylon...
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    Try not using your tuner for a week.

    For many months, I didn't have a clip-on tuner (I had given mine away with some ukes to my parents). During those months, I mostly tuned by ear because my tuners weren't convenient and I'm lazy. Finally, I decided to buy a clip-on tuner. But the few months without it caused me to: 1. Don't...
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    What kind of tool is this?

    It looks like a wrench, but I don't think I've ever used such a tool on my ukes or guitars. Maybe a tool to tighten something that loosens often (so it's made into a keychain)? (I think I probably got it as a free gift with a purchase since I don't think I'd buy something like this. Something...
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    Movies where uke is the featured in multiple scenes

    Is there a movie where the uke is prominently featured in multiple scenes? E.g. important character is playing the uke in more than 1 scene (not some background player).
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    Kamaka HF-2 simulator

    I've recorded a demo to compare a real HF-2 vs a simulated one. This simulator is pretty primitive; for example, strum location is fix at near the 12th fret. Also, with the limited samples, there's no change whether you hit the A note on the G-string vs the A-string. Many more limitations...
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    Kamaka HF-1 sound samples (if you have an Android phone/tablet)

    Hi, I sampled some sounds and put it into an Android app. If you have a phone/tablet; you can try to run it. So, if you ... trust me (hey, what's not to trust from a fellow UU memeber you've never met before?) trust Android's permissions (even if you don't trust me with your life, Android...
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    Snark tuner improvement

    Just want to mention that the 2020 Snarks have an important improvement over the older ones (see green circles): I've avoided buying Snark tuners because my first one broke soon after purchase: I like Snark tuners because they are cheap and fast, but I don't buy them because they just...
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    Predict your 2021 UAS; how many will you buy?

    Self-fulfilling prophecy? We shall see.
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    How many ukes did you buy in 2020?

    Yesterday, I decided to count the number of ukes I bought since I started playing this year. When I realized I couldn't track them in my head, I started a spreadsheet. Just when I thought I had listed them all, I found a few more when I reviewed my purchases online (I even missed a uke that...