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    Suggestions for Ukuleles for areas of Challenging Humidity

    Hello I am considering making some changes to my stable of Ukuleles given I travel a fair bit and keeping everything humidified particularly during the winter keeps a person busy. I would appreciate suggestion for ukuleles that have good sound, tone and projection that would require little or...
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    Opinions on Samson Meteor USB Mic

    I am considering doing some audio recording during this Time of self Isolation. What are the opinions on the Samson Meteor USB Mic for accomplishing this? Is there a good program to video and audio at the same time? I have no experience with this adventure so would prefer not to have to spend...
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    Kona 3 String Walking Bass

    Hello all I am trying to source strings for the above instrument. I have not been able to contact Kona Bob the Luthier who created the instrument. They are nylon strings G B D. Any suggestions? Thanks for any assitance. Colemole
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    Acoustic Ukulele Bass

    Is there such a tihing with out a pickup and amp??
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    Thoughts on a Kona 3 string upright bass

    Anyone have some thoughts on a Kona 3 string upright bass made in Hawaii? Looks interesting. Supposed to be simple to play.
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    Sound hole Micro tuners

    Hello all Anyone have some thoughts on the D Addario NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner PW-CT-15 and PW-CT-22. I see comments the 15 clip breaks off frequently. Does the 22 have the same problem? Appreciate your opinions. Colemole
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    Mobile Sheets Pro app

    Hello all I have been using Mobile Sheets Pro on a tablet to store and carry around my music when traveling or jaming to avoid carrying around 10 pounds of binders. For me it works well. One challenge I have is the app keeps the songs in alphabetical order which is nice but I haven't figured...
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    Another Humidity Option

    Hello all I live in Canada where the winters come with low humidity concerns for those of us with solid instruments. I am away from home for a month or two at times during the winter and my wife is not excited about having to fuss with my instruments while I am away. I am considering using a...
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    Opinions on Koaloha KSM -02 and the Koaloha Opio KSO-02

    I am interested in others opinions on the above two long neck soprano instruments regarding build, feel and sound. Also anything else you might feel like offering. Thanks Colemole
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    Opinions on Koaloha Long neck soprano's Koa versus Opio

    Hello all Curious about these two instruments. Different woods and manufactured in different countries I understand. Build and sound comparable or significantly different? Recommendations? Opinions? Thanks Colemole
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    Outdoor ukulele Tenor Banjo

    My sense from looking at u- tube is the Outdoor Ukulele Banjo relatively quiet for a banjo? Any opinions out there? Looking for a banjo ukulele that has some bite. Jamming with Banjo and piano players on my ukulele. Defintely overwhelmed by the banjos. I have a Lanikai concert ukulele banjo...
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    String recommendations for Godin Multiuke

    Hello all I have a new to me Godin Multiuke. Need to have a extra string set or 2. Any recommendations for High and low G string sets? Thanks
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    Uke Jam South east Texas ?? McAllen/ Harlingen area

    Any Ukers around this area getting together occasionally? In this area for the winter and looking for company.
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    Ohana BK-22

    I would be interested in opinions on the Ohana BK-22 Baritone Ukulele. Does it have side fret markers as well as fret markers on the face of the neck? Sound? Loud with the spruce top? Thanks
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    Southcoast Ukulele

    Hello All Are these folks still doing business? Considering buying some strings from their website but does not seem to be active at this time. Have not phoned them but wondering if anyone knows what is going on. Thanks Colemole
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    South East Texas McAllen area

    Any get togethers in this area?
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    Hello all. I bought a Kala KA-SMHGS. Can't figure out what the difference is between the two ukuleles. The SM I believe is solid mahogany, the last S I believe is soprano. What is the H and G stand for? Anyone know? Thanks
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    Cordoba Concert Case

    I purchased a Concert Cordoba and case. I find the case is a bit tight for the length of the instrument. Is this normal for this brand? :confused:
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    Hello All from Spruce Grove AB

    New to site and ukulele addiction. Enjoy the site