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  1. 29moons

    Season 235 - The Monkees!

    I guess the title tells it all - The Monkees! Pretty Clear in the intro video - Songs by The Monkees or the individual members or songs that mention the band 'The Monkees' (NOT monkeys, gorillas, chimps, etc.) Rules Multi-tracking encouraged Only one entry per but you can post more, I just...
  2. 29moons

    Season 113 - "Yacht Rock!"

    Yacht Rock Playlist Sorry for the low volume, I was feeling very smooth. "Is that Yacht Rock? Turn it up dude." Welcome to week 113 of the Seasons of the Ukulele, Yacht Rock! From 1976 to 1984 the radio airwaves were dominated by really smooth music, also known as "Yacht Rock." These Yacht...
  3. 29moons

    NUD: Cordoba 15sm Sporano

    So, I recorded this week's Seasons of the Ukulele (106 - George Harrison - sound sample) on my new Cordoba 15sm Soprano uke. I was asked to give a little review by this week's host Shady Wilbury. So, here it is. Firstly I want to say why I was in the market for a soprano uke. I have a Luna...
  4. 29moons

    Dead Covers Project 2014 - Seasonistas from Season 76

    Hey Seasonistas, February is Dead Covers Project month over at So, this would be a great time to submit some of those covers we did for Week 76. I remember a lot of good ones were posted. Hope to see some posted over there. Thanks, 29moons
  5. 29moons

    Week 98 - I Want My MTV!

    I Want My MTV! Week 98’s theme is - songs from the hey day of MTV - from August 1st 1981 - 1989. The song had to have been made into a video that was played on MTV between 1981 and 1989. That pretty much clears up all the years of the 80's since most popular songs from 1980 were reborn again...
  6. 29moons

    General cost of obtaining a compulsory mechanical license to cover a song?

    Don't know if this is the right area for this question so forgive me if I'm in the wrong spot. Has anyone obtained a compulsory mechanical license to cover a song? I am researching this but am reluctant to enter personal info into sites that say they can do all the work. Just wondering if...
  7. 29moons

    29th Season of the Ukulele

    The winners have been posted! It’s a numbers game. This Weeks Theme Uke By Numbers 1, 2, 3… Since it’s week 29 and I am 29moons I decided that this week’s theme should be all about numbers. Just make sure that your song has something to do with numbers. It could be a song about numbers, a...