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    Strange Behavior after using pickup

    Hello Guys, I have a ukulele with an active pickup. The pickup is working fine, but after I used it I my ukulele shows a strange behavior. When I pull the amp cable out of the pickup my strings start buzzing /rattling. This is getting better within minutes and disappears after some hours...
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    Kiwaya 100th Anniversary Cherry Concert?

    I have the chance to buy a "Kiwaya KPC-100C" (Cherry with japanese decoration) I wonder if anyone has the mentioned ukulele, and can me tell someting about the quality and tone? I tought about buying a "Kolaloha KCM" or "Anuenue Moonbird" and wonder if this ukulele is on par with them?
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    How would you repair this?

    Hello Guys, I bought a nice Ukulele with a little problem. The two back pieces (solid wood) are separating and there is a small gap all along the back of the instrument. I heard that is happening mainly because of dry and shrinking wood. Since the top is not sunken in ( and if, just very...
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    Removing small dents

    Hello Guys, i have a Ukulele that is overall in good condition, but has some annoying marks on the back. I tried to take a picture but its impossible to make it visible on a photo. (maybe because of the gloss finish). There are a few small scrachtes, but they are not the problem. The back is...
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    Kala Comfort Edge vs Romero Creations GT Solid Top

    Hello Guys, i have a Kala Comfort Edge Tenor Ukulele. It is nice and loud, maybe a bit bright but thats fine. All Solid Cedar and Rosewood. I have an offer for a Romero Creations "Grand Tenor Solid Spruce Top, Laminate Mahogany Back and sides, but no chance to test it before buying it (too far...
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    Blackbird Farallon vs. Wood Uke (Moonbird UT200)

    Hi Guys, i want to safe some money to buy my "dreamukulele". Im undecided between the "Blackbird Farallon" and the "Moonbird UT200. There are pros and cons of both ukuleles and i hope some owners of this ukuleles (mainly of the Blackbird) can share some wisdom with me. I like the tone of...
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    String Tension Aquilla vs "Martin M600" / Worth clear

    Hello Guys, I bought a really light concert ukulele that has already a tiny bit of a belly. Nothing to worry about so far, but I want it to stay as it is. Therefore I want to choose strings without too much tension for my Uke. My favorites are "Martin M600" and "Worth Clear", the ukulele is...
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    Pono Atd2 vs Kala

    Hello Guys, I have an Kala Comfort Edge Tenor Ukulele (Solid Cedar, Solid Rosewood). I have an opportunity to buy a pono "ATD2", and wonder if that would be an upgrade. I generally like the tone of the Ponos, but find them a bit too quiet. I had a MGTDC that I sold because of the volume...
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    Harsh Strings

    I discovered a thing that more or less every Uke i tried has.: 1 or 2 strings sounds a bit harder/more harsh than the other ones. If you press the string down at any note the tone is as harmonic as on the other strings. I have only a few ukes without any harsh string (all Bruekos with wooden...
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    Kala KA ASFM-T Strings recommendation

    Hello Guys, im looking for new strings for my Kala Flame Maple Tenor. The Uke has a really wonderfull tone, but i didnt found the right strings for it so far. I tested Aquillas and they are okay, but i dont like them in general. I tend to finde them a bit dull with low sustain. Volume with...
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    What type of wood could that be?

    I wondern what type of wood this ukulele is made of. Its probably not acacia, cause its a "Bruko" and i never seen them use this wood. The back is Mahogany and looks very different. Maybe "flamed mahogany or cedar? Any idea?
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    What type of wood could that be?

    I wondern what type of wood this ukulele is made of. Its probably not acacia, cause its a "Br
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    Is this a genuine "Jonah Kumalae"

    Hi, i bought a old Ukulele at an auction house in England. It is labeled as "Jonah Kumalae gold award 1915". A luthier told me that my uke might be built about 100 years ago, but he had not the experience to tell me how a real "kumalae would look like". Since in germany we have nearly no...
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    "Hi" from Germany

    Hello Guys, im a ukulele player from germany (somethimes more a collecter. I guess you know what i mean :D) I started playing in 2018 on a crappy laminate concert ukulele for my wifes birthday. Since then im "infected". I bought more than a few ukuleles, sold some, and keept the ones that i...