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  1. ksiegel

    Any Way to Print or Save a Thread?

    In Firefox, I went to File, then print screen and when I told it to print, I got this: So it prints...
  2. ksiegel

    Using CNC To Build Ukuleles - Good or Bad?

    A number of years back, while he was still active on UU, I visited Rick Turner in Santa Cruz and toured his shop. He has a pretty good sized CNC machine, and had different programs for different instruments. They were able to turn out many appropriate parts for many different instruments, from...
  3. ksiegel

    I'm Easy

    A cross post of my very, very late Season 504 entry - My version of I'm Easy by Keith Carradine
  4. ksiegel

    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Okay, so I'm late, as I said I would be. Did the video in my car, in the parking lot at a Doctor's Office this morning. A 5-day overdue entry I'm Easy ©1975 Keith Carradine Keith won the Academy Award for Best Original Song - he wrote this for the movie "Nashville". What does it mean for me...
  5. ksiegel

    Second Look at Concert Size

    When I started with ukes, my now late father-in-law gave me a 1950s Harmony Soprano student uke. I could play it for a bit, but my hands would cramp up due to the small size. Soon, I bought a Kala from MGM, and a Fluke Tenor, then a Cordoba TM20. All very comfortable, and easy to play. I didn't...
  6. ksiegel

    Price increases

    Among my most expensive ukes are two Donaldsons (One a custom build, one Bradford built on spec), a National Triolian I am the third owner of (And the prior two owners are UU members), a Timms I bought practically unused on eBay when I couldn't get a new one for love nor money, and my KoAloha...
  7. ksiegel

    Ukulele Instruction

    San Jose Ukulele Club does that. Using a projector and PA, showing and explaining hand positions. It works out well. (Hi, Gillian!) When we were meeting in Troy, we tried that, too. Sometimes it worked. And I recall using the chalkboard at the Guilderland Library to draw the chord diagrams...
  8. ksiegel

    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    An under-appreciated song; I remember when it first came out, was over-played and derided by some, but - sadly - the lyrics are still germane. I just heard a version on SiriusXM, with a hip-hop background, slight lyric change (ommited "I'm still an embryo with a long, long way to go", replaced...
  9. ksiegel

    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Hey, Dave... I apologize - I had two songs planned, but Nancy's yarn shop had a booth at the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck), and this week was spent preparing for it. Took 1/2 day off from School on Thursday to rent the U-haul, pack the booth contents, drive downstate...
  10. ksiegel

    SEASON 504- Music as an empathetic friend

    Hey Liz - drop an email to Jim and Liz (The are easy to find), and tell them you'd like to post a video of their song. They will give you permission, I have no doubt. Then, when you post it PUBLICLY, state that they gave you explicit permission to use their song. And do post it publicly - Liz...
  11. ksiegel

    Magic Flea sound

    When Magic Fluke moved to Sheffield, MA, I was one of the first (if not the first) customers in the not completely finished shop. I played every instrument that was for sale, and played two of the Firefly prototypes (The instrument wasn't for sale yet.) I even played a Timber bass prototype. I...
  12. ksiegel

    'Best' Keys for Song Circles, your opinions please

    For the majority of the beginners I've run into, C is the easiest key, both in terms of playing and singing. Then there's me. I need a capo for my voice. Sometimes C works quite well, and others I have to hunt around to find the one my voice like at that particular time. Which is pretty simple...
  13. ksiegel

    Can anyone ID this uke for me? Some kind of Vita

    It looks like a mahogany copy of the original Harmony Roy Smeck Vita-Ukes, which had a spruce top and nothing around the sound holes. The end of the fretboard also differs significantly from the Harmony models, and the shoulders on yours look shallower. I remember seeing what looked like an...
  14. ksiegel

    Legal advice

    When I post on YouTube, I do include a disclaimer. I do NOT make any attempt to monetize my videos. I did received one of the "someone has made a claim" notification once, and did nothing. What happened? That particular video now has ads, and I have no part of it. (Seems like almost all of...
  15. ksiegel

    sci-fi novel with uke wielding heroes

    Sounds like a self-contained wash tub bass... While I can't play one of htem worth beans, I was privileged to play in a Jug Band Jam with Canada-based musician Ken Whitely at the Old Songs Festival of Music and Dance one year. I played my Firefly in a group of about 15-20, and Ken was on the...
  16. ksiegel

    Season #502 - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!

    Life is still ganging up on me... I think I've had about 20 minutes of ukulele play time in the past month... I wanted to do this song, but didn't get the time, so this link is just a reminder that even Melanie does parodies (using an existing song, and writing new lyrics.) I first heard this...
  17. ksiegel

    Increased Shipping Costs

    My experience with almost anything sent via FedEx Ground or FedEx Surepost (Last Mile" delivery by USPS) is that I'm better off taking the cash I planned on spending, and burn it. Still waiting for $250 worth of textbooks that were shipped from Cedar Rapids, Iowa in February. FedEx no longer...
  18. ksiegel

    Increased Shipping Costs

    This could go political real fast - it is very interesting that the Postmaster General's plans to save money have ended up costing more than was saved... and we end up getting the mail later, for more money. Whee!
  19. ksiegel

    Aaron/anaka fixed my VIP account.

    And Mahalo to you, as well!
  20. ksiegel

    Aaron/anaka fixed my VIP account.

    I got his message last night, but didn't see it until just now: So they are working on it - Yay!