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  1. Sambient

    Unkulele I first spotted the wares on Etsy, followed by ebay, now on facebook. I even saw a facebook message to Mim's Ukes which makes me wonder if that will be a venue for purchasing. In any case, has anyone had hand-on experience with one of these yet? I'm very...
  2. Sambient

    Eleuke query

    I'm just gonna do a direct quote here instead of paraphrasing. An Eleuke purchase is being considered. Thanks for insight!
  3. Sambient

    Man I wish Elderly would have another string sale, like now

    Just thinking out loud.
  4. Sambient

    Worth Fat Strings on a soprano: I'm nervous

    Nervous because of the higher tension. But I have a set and want to use them. So, which should I string up with the clear fatties: Mainland Plastic Backed Chili or Kiwaya KS-1? The Chili was enormously improved by the recent addition of Worth Clears, and if I put the fat set on the Chili, I'm...
  5. Sambient

    Old style saddle string tying suggestions

    Okay, the simple saddles where you knot the string, feed it through the notch, then tune. There's got to be something more that I need to be doing when faced with this style of configuration. I changed out the original strings on a Martin S-O I impulsively picked up yesterday and had each the G...
  6. Sambient

    Not a newbie, but returning to the fold

    Gingerly, I return. I need to get back to my uke playing. I've forgotten so much. Last fall, I'd changed jobs and when I did that, my uke playing started to become less. Partly because I no longer had a proper lunch hour, partly because I was working weird hours. I was losing some passion. Then...
  7. Sambient

    Current influx of Kalas in the UU Marketplace

    I find this curious.
  8. Sambient

    Cheapie alert for Johnson Pineapple on Amazon Four left. Price in cart is $32.47. Wish I could justify getting one or that I had someone I needed to get an entry level uke. I dig the angled ending...
  9. Sambient


    Anyone not like them? I'm realizing I'm not sure. Maybe I don't use my hands properly, but I think I like there being some body on the other end of my down stroke instead of a void. I don't anticipate ever being a proficient enough player that I'm going to be making much use of those notes way...
  10. Sambient

    Why did no one tell me

    that I can strum an ukulele while I use the mini elliptical trainer? If I focus on trying to wing playing along with the cd I have playing*, I don't even think about the fact that I'm doing boring old exercise. Then, combine the anti-depressant properties of ukulele and the feel-good...
  11. Sambient

    Do I bring the brand new uke?

    According to FedEx tracking, the mango Makai should be arriving today. Today is the Philadelphia UU get together. And when I come home we get in the car for a two hour drive to Mom's where I'll be until Monday or Tuesday. With any new uke I usually write off the first day or so when it comes to...
  12. Sambient

    Stringing when the strings are coming from up under the bridge.

    I know Alan posted a vid at some point on stringing his Waverly Street uke. I'll have to find and watch that. My man and I are seriously loving on my newest ebay treat that arrived today. Then I realized that the strings better last forever, because this is going to be a nightmare to restring...
  13. Sambient

    Luna Honu soprano <SOLD>

    You've seen them online. You've been curious. I know I was. But now I want to be able to indulge in a different model. I've loved this one up. If no one buys it, I'll still be loving it up. Comes with original Aquila strings and original Luna gig bag. My favorite part of this ukulele is the...
  14. Sambient

    Her Majesty Schmidty - a personalized Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert

    I'm pretty proud of the way this one looks. I took a b-stock OU3 and adorned it with some rub-on transfers. As far as what made it b-stock, the finish on the back is discolored. Sort of a charcoal dark green. Non-issue as far as I was concerned. It's the back. The banner under the crowned...
  15. Sambient

    Well-red Kala Concert <SOLD>

    GOING TO HER NEW HOME! Transaction complete. Please look at some of the others I have for sale. More to be put up. Prices are good if you're looking to treat someone to a fun entry level uke. Once I personalized this one a little, I named her Diced Tomato. The un-hoarding continues, with some of...
  16. Sambient

    High School Musical concert ukulele by Washburn (Oscar Schmidt) <SOLD>

    SOLD! The novelty ukulele train rolls on! Okay, I really thought at one point I was going to get around to painting this to look like the TARDIS from Doctor Who. So I didn't mind that there was a little irregularity in the color on this low priced near the bridge on the left side (slightly...
  17. Sambient

    White Mahalo Tele strung Worth brown low-g

    Gorgeous and fun! I'm trying to un-hoarde. Get down to a relative few essentials. This comes with a Mahalo bag, that I'm not sure fits. But if it does fit, it's a snug fit. I'm not willing to force it. I don't love it like I love my Mahalo Les Paul, unfortunately that Fender style headstock...
  18. Sambient

    Peaceful Behemoth

    This is one of my novelty ukes that I'm trying to re-home. I'll be putting up a few more from my collection in the next day or so. Meet the Peaceful Behemoth One of those ebay lovelies with a name that you never cross paths with again. Harmonia! I fell for the dazzling combination of f-holes...
  19. Sambient

    So, which longnecks are concert neck length?

    I happened to already be thinking this, but see that my preference is shared in cassarole45's Ohana thread: wanting a good soprano with a concert neck. Any recommendations?
  20. Sambient

    Glueing a bridge without owning special clamps

    Any advice? I was already planning on doing this on a cheapie at some point. But as I just noticed the bridge has come off of my CBU, I have an increased sense of urgency. My CBU has an asymetrically placed smaller hole, and the box is sealed, so there's no getting in there at all. Thanks for...