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  1. lilxlagman13

    6string sets for a concert

    cant find any,,, anyone got a link?
  2. lilxlagman13

    dnt noe what strings to get help plz

    i have a concert 6 string friend gave it to me n it doznt have any strings tho so i nee some help on some strings to get maybe a link or sumtin
  3. lilxlagman13

    cupid by 112

    any got tabs n strum?
  4. lilxlagman13

    Dont let up by teeh

    any one got tabs??
  5. lilxlagman13

    teeh (i want you)

    any one have the chords
  6. lilxlagman13

    easy like sunday mornin

    som1 help me with kinds of strum patters?
  7. lilxlagman13

    Stronger Than (gabe bondoc)

    anyone have tabs?
  8. lilxlagman13

    secret admirer help

    any one have the chords or stum?
  9. lilxlagman13

    pickin tutorials needed

    for honey baby, stuck on you(ekolu), and undercover lover
  10. lilxlagman13

    tabs for stuck on you (ekolu)

    anyone? plus picking vid
  11. lilxlagman13

    turorial for this vid plz?
  12. lilxlagman13

    tears in heaven(eric clapton)

    any one have a real easy tutorial? cuz im a begginer
  13. lilxlagman13

    Joe (i wanna know)

    any one noe the srummin n chords?
  14. lilxlagman13

    windward skies help

    does any one noe the stummin n chords? to this vid