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  1. experimentjon


    I remember owning a ToneRite back in the day to open up my ukes more quickly. (Who knows if they worked but thankfully now they sell similar units from China at 1/10th the price...and I might have to pick one up again). And I'm still waiting for some of my newer ones to age and open up...
  2. experimentjon

    PULLING SALE: 2019 Koaloha Pops Pineapple Sunday

    This is a classic--and I almost miss mine enough to pick this one up... GLWS!
  3. experimentjon

    Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Strap

    Bump to the top. Funny enough, I googled to see if there were any reviews of the Jake strap and this post I made in excitement several years ago showed up. I don't use straps when I play since I'm usually doing it seated, so I actually didn't end up buying one--plus it was indeed expensive at...
  4. experimentjon

    Kamaka White Label Baritone Ukulele (Modified) - $500

    Clean looking side port mod! Very cool!
  5. experimentjon

    Looking for Koaloha tenor scepture

    I had no idea that this was a thing...the tenor Sceptre on that site looks awesome. When I sold virtually all of my instruments a number of years back (including my Pineapple Sunday), the Sceptre was one of the very few that I kept...just an all time classic.
  6. experimentjon

    (SOLD) Kamaka HF-3DC - Fishman matrix pickup installed // $1,450

    Great looking instrument--glad it isn't a concert in the same configuration otherwise I'd probably be unable to stop myself. GLWS!
  7. experimentjon

    SOLD: Collings UC2K all Koa Concert

    My wallet is glad this isn't a 3K model with the headstock binding...otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to control myself...GLWS!
  8. experimentjon

    Traded: Koaloha Red Label Tenor Bear Claw Spruce over Koa

    Beautiful instrument! That's a TON of bear claw on that top! GLWS--and look forward to seeing what else might make it onto the block!
  9. experimentjon

    Jake Shimabukuro

    This had been on my playlist for a while--seems relatively beginner level to start--but we'll see where it goes. The one super valuable thing I've learned already though is how to hold the uke--I always thought my thumb above the neck was bad form but had been slipping into it whenever my hand...
  10. experimentjon

    WTB: Martin 0xk Soprano (HPL "Koa")

    Recently, I have been itching for a Martin Soprano to hang on the wall and play and thought about the uniqueness of a vintage model, but those are hard to buy over the internet without handling. Then I thought about the winter in NYC and how I rarely run the room humidifier...which would...
  11. experimentjon

    FS: Excellent Condition 2015 Kamaka Tenor Long Neck (HF-3L)

    After buying a HF3-D4I (Jake Blue), I have decided to part with my HF-3L (Long Neck Tenor) to make space in my small New York studio. Tonally, the HF-3L is outstanding—you’ll get sparkle on the E and A strings on the longer scale that just isn’t there on the standard 17” scale. Resonance and...
  12. experimentjon

    The Kamaka Jake Shimabukuro Tenor (Jake Blue) Has Arrived - Thoughts and Comparisons

    Note: Instrument does not come in the Ameritage case Coming to Purchase the Kamaka Jake Blue Growing up in Hawaii, Jake Shimabukuro was a local celebrity. It’s crazy to know he’s 42 now, and still king of the instrument—although many outstanding ukulele artists have also come up in the years...
  13. experimentjon

    Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Strap

    Not sure if this has been around for a while, but I was excited to see that Jake had officially released an official version of the famous custom strap that he's used on his instruments for years. At $60, it seems a bit expensive for a nylon strap, but still very cool...
  14. experimentjon

    FS: KoAloha Pineapple Sunday Ukulele with Fishman Matrix Infinity

    KoAloha Pineapple Sunday Ukulele with Fishman Matrix Infinity Asking Price: $OLD $1245 + Shipping (OBRO) I have listed this on Oahu Craigslist and prefer a local sale because I prefer that the buyer can see and hear the instrument in person. But I am willing to ship this as well ($60...
  15. experimentjon

    ToneRite for Guitar & Ukulele

    SOLD to Uke man! As I am moving to the mainland next year to attend business school, I am selling off a few pieces of gear. The first is this outstanding ToneRite which makes your ukuleles and guitars sound better through "black magic." A few points for interested buyers: Yes, I do...
  16. experimentjon

    KoAloha solid body tenor

    The pictures are beautiful, but man, from holding and admiring that instrument in person, I could really see the level of care and attention put into building it. The cutout was perfectly sanded and contoured to perfection. The upper bout where your arm would rest is also perfectly beveled...
  17. experimentjon

    Kanilea Active Pickup in Aldrine Model is INCREDIBLY NOISY: Watch this Video.

    TL;DR?: Just watch the video. EDIT: See Post #77 for update...and another fun video! I just picked up an Analysis Plus Yellow Oval cable today and tried it out on my Kanilea Aldrine Model. Prior to this, I had only plugged the uke into my Roland Cube 30 electric guitar amp through a $10 Hosa...
  18. experimentjon

    Humidity in Hawaii Too High for Ukulele?

    So now that I have one of those cheap humidity/temperature devices in one of my ukulele cases, I have looked into what a good number for humidity would be. It seems that the internet consensus is 45% to 55%. Then I noticed that over the past few months, every time I looked at the hygrometer in...
  19. experimentjon

    Decorating your uke

    At one point, I had tried putting some guitar-sized fretboard stickers on my uke. They came off shortly after. Will say that those inlay stickers are high quality though. And they do look great on a guitar--as I have put another set on one of my guitars. I'm sure the ukulele-sized ones look...
  20. experimentjon

    Jake Shimabukuro's Gear?

    Anyone know what kind of gear that Jake uses? I was watching Life on Four Strings, and noticed a few items. Ukulele: Several custom Kamaka tenors (and a few others before the Kamakas too). Anyone have a catalog of them? He mentioned that one of them was named "Val." And I think the more...