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    New Bass Uke Day - Hadean Hofner/Beatle Bass Uke

    awesome love it great bass sound.
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    Bass Uke pickup volume not balanced fix.

    Yes That is what I meant "why does the saddle get cut" I can only see this being a problem if the saddle Is not totally evenly flat, or if the strings are not made with even pressure to put even pressure on the pickup. yes this is how piezo rod pickups, solid or seperated ones, work on all...
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    Moving from a bass Facebook group to here.

    You could edit your comment to add the other link too. thanks.
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    New Bass Uke Day - Hadean Hofner/Beatle Bass Uke

    How does the floating bridge work. You have a piezo pickup in it. and moving the bridge to adjust it could damage the pickup wire.
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    Bass Uke pickup volume not balanced fix.

    How is this supposed to work I dont understand. How would cutting the bridge into seperate pieces fix any pressure on the Piezo element underneath. If the piezo and the bridge are both flat then the pressure and contact should be spread evenly over the pickup by the strings.
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    Bass Preamp???

    Not sure if you have already got something or not. Here are my thoughts to add to this discussion. 1. AMP: As others said a bass amp will be good, so you can be heard on stage playing together. Some amps have a built in DI Box to also plug into the Sound System/PA. 2. Direct plug in via Preamp...
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    what what to do with broken ukulele:- help and ideas.

    Previously I posted about a crack I my baritone uke Crack in Soundboard I tried to find the stuff recommended to fix it but failed to find the thin ply, guess I did not look hard enough. So I forgot about it for a while. Now the crack has become worse. I would love to add photos but am not...
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    uke / guitar and vocal combo pedal.

    Hi i am a singer songwriter. and i am looking for some ideas on what pedal would work great with acoustic guitar, ukulele and vocals. The features i am liking would be both 1. mic input 2. effects and harmony for vocals . 3. ukulele / acoustic guitar effects (electric and bass guitar...
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    Crack in Soundboard

    I have a Greg Bennet Samick Baritone ukulele. it has a crack in the sound board. i originally thought it was a crack in the finish but over time it has gotten longer and i noticed now the the top part the sound board is now above the bottom part so i know its not just cracking. if i had only...
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    Lookingf for external preamp

    Hi all fairly new here so not sure if this is the right place for my post. I have a baritone ukulele. i brought a stick-on passive pickup. it sounds kind of tinny played though my amp. changing the setting on the amp did not help much. I tool out my guitar di/preamp and tested with that. the...