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  1. Ukecaster

    Old Martin M600 strings

    Got this unopened set of Martin uke strings in the case of an old uke, labeled "M600 Ukulele Modified Trued Nylon". These obviously pre-date the current flouro Martin M600 strings. Anyone know when these were offered for sale? Being nylon , the gauges are fatter than the current Martin...
  2. Ukecaster

    The Lili'u Project

    Saw this vid today, nice music, soothing, with some HI music history
  3. Ukecaster

    Ukulele Uff

    Saw this one today, where he tries out a guy's home made uke. Sounds like he's been playing it forever!
  4. Ukecaster

    You know you're getting old when....

    You stop getting life insurance emails, but instead get ads titled: "Your Burial Insurance". They can kiss my ass (if they can get inside the coffin, and past all the Ukes I'll be buried with). 😀
  5. Ukecaster

    Pono PT

    Saw a Pono PT mahogany tenor online recently, looked good. Never heard of that model before, must be an older model, I assume. Anyone know about these, and how they compare to more recent models like the Pono MT?
  6. Ukecaster

    Pickup noise

    What style pickups have the least extra noise from fingers/hands brushing the top...UST, soundboard mounted transducers or combo pickup/mic versions? Or are they all about the same?
  7. Ukecaster

    The Ukulele Craze of the 20s

    Saw this video recently. Wanna time travel back to the 20s 😀
  8. Ukecaster

    UkeSA Harmony Wow soprano

    Well, I've had this Hawaiian made soprano for a couple of weeks, and haven't bonded with it. I'm just too used to the sound and feel of mahogany Martin or Martin style sopranos, so this one is in search of a new home. Made by Alvin Okami (Pops Koaloha) in HI. All solid, with Engelmann spruce...
  9. Ukecaster

    Strange ukes

    Saw these in my online travels. At least to me, they are strange looking. YMMV. Pretty sure the same guy Dave made both. First one is called Curvalicious. Rather pointy IMO. Second one is TX shaped baritone, maybe the Lone Star bari? .
  10. Ukecaster

    Wish I was 12....

    ...and could play like this! 😀 The first judge (David Foster, I think?), called the uke "basically a toy". No respect, I tell ya...
  11. Ukecaster

    Is this a longneck?

    They don't say, but say it has 14 frets to the body, which doesn't necessarily make it a longneck soprano. But, it looks like one to me. I always chuckle at the translation errors in their descriptions, like: "there is no scar like a wound"...
  12. Ukecaster

    NUD: UkeSA Harmony Wow soprano

    I was fortunate recently to find one of these for sale. Have only had it for a day or so, so haven't been able to spend much time with it yet. But the solid Engelmann spruce/pine sound is much different than my usual mahogany sopranos, as you'd expect. This one came with short Peghed...
  13. Ukecaster

    Used ukes at Tantan

    Saw some nice used ukes on the Tantan site, in Japan. They often have unusual items, seldom seen in US.
  14. Ukecaster

    Got Worth?

    Looking for an unopened set of Worth Clear (Worth CM), High G soprano/concert strings (46" length, enough for 2 soprano sets) I have 2 sets of unopened D'Addario strings to trade even, in CONUS: (1) set of Clear Nylon EJ65S (1) set of Nyltech EJ88S
  15. Ukecaster

    Ukulele history in Japan

    I was looking at Kiwaya's website, and saw some text about "the ukulele's bitter history in Japan". I had no idea what that meant (still don't); maybe it was just a translation error. Maybe it relates to Western music being banned in Japan during WWII, when there were many uke bands there...
  16. Ukecaster

    Famous uke fretboards

    I have a nice older Famous FS-1 soprano. Got it 4 years ago used, stupidly sold it, then luckily got it back about 2 years ago. I love it. I always thought the fingerboard was rosewood, but lately, I'm getting some wear, showing the lighter wood below. So, I assume it is a stained lighter...
  17. Ukecaster

    Purple Pineapple Sundae

    Saw this one on Reverb. Rather unique, if that's your thing. KoAloha Purple Pineapple Sundae Concert Ukulele 2020 with hard shell case...
  18. Ukecaster

    Solid ot not?

    Saw this different Elite on eBay. Obviously, a lot of work went into making this one. Not sure how this was assembled, but would this be considered a solid uke...
  19. Ukecaster

    Carole King medley

    I tried to string these 2 songs together. Both written by Carole King and Jerry Goffin in the early 60s. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" and "Up On the Roof". They made for a fun strum on my soprano uke.
  20. Ukecaster

    Kanaka uke

    Thought it must be a typo, but nope's a Kanaka. Anyone know of these?