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    Sister wants to learn to play, need nut and saddle string spacing

    I need some dimensions for a concert size. Nut width or string spacing, saddle string spacing. I have looked some up and I am not sure which to go with. I have not made one in a while and can not remember what I used before.
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    El timple!

    Have no idea what he says, just followed along with the construction. From the Canary Islands A decent recording of one.
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    Shoe String Acoustic Guitar Build Almost Anyone Can Build

    I talked about doing a low dollar build (tool and materials) thread for a while and a kid wanting to build a guitar pushed me into starting one. Wonder if you would be interested in it? It is for six strings but is about as wide as a baritone uke body but just a little longer by two inches. I...
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    Has anyone used this? I was wondering about the difference between steel strings and nylon on intonation.
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    Cherry fretboard viva Fender?

    I am building an inexpensive tenor for a group at work who want to give it away as a gift at Christmas. It will be cherry b&s's and maybe a cherry neck. I was thinking of using walnut for the fretboard but then thought walnut is not any harder than cherry. Why not take a page out of Leo's book...
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    Tenor Cigar Box Ukulele

    I wanted to build a quick tenor and picked out some oak I cut from a log for it. A spruce neck, then I decided I was going to do an arch top, then thought I might as well use a hardwood for the neck. In the end I went completely away from the idea that I wanted to make a uke in the least amount...
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    Paint Can Lid Resonator Baritone.

    More or less. I entered it in a cigar box guitar site contest with the rules specifying you need to build with a paint can lid, otherwise build to impress. I took some maple sides I had, built the back an top out of Baltic Birch plywood, a Sugar Pine board for the neck I got from a pallet. Beat...
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    Lumber Yard Wood

    Inexpensive wood was brought up in another thread and I did not want to hijack it. I usually take a gander at piles if wood for the odd piece that speaks out, 'don't let them make a fence board out of me'. Well since I brought it up, some cedar fence boards I made some tops out of. Searched...