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    Traveling with ukes

    With CITIES in mind what do I need to be aware of when traveling abroad with a ukulele? I own several vintage Martins. Would they be a problem?
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    New old uke. 1950’s Style 1 Martin soprano.
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    NUD Kanile’a K1-T premium

    Sounds as good as it looks.
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    Fluke and strap problems

    I have a Koa Fluke and love playing it but without a strap it’s a little slippery to hold onto. I didn’t buy the anti slip strips, should have, and trying to use it with a strap is frustrating. The strap keeps slipping too far forward causing it to buzz against the “a” string. I think I have...
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    New uke

    Just got a koa Fluke three days ago and am very pleased with the look and sound. I went with the Peghed tuners and am very impressed with how easy they make tuning. I also have a standard Fluke that I bought more for it’s artistic paint job done by the previous owner. I was so impressed by it’s...
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    Vintage vs Modern

    I am fortunate to own a vintage Martina T1 and a 7 year old Pono RT-E and would like to share some of the differences between them. Both instruments are fine examples of craftsmanship and are a pleasure to play. The Martin is fine boned and fragile feeling. Very light and delicate. The Pono is...
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    New from Spokane, WA

    Just got into ukulele's and already have three!