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  1. HoldinCoffee

    Video Slack Key Uke Lesson from Mark Kailana Nelson!

    Mark Kailana Nelson, author of The Uke Buke and Fingerstyle Solos for Ukulele, just put out a lesson for slack key uke on YT! This first lesson is for the song Kealoha, one of the tab arrangements in his slack key uke book, The Uke Buke. I'm hoping there are more slack key uke lessons from...
  2. HoldinCoffee

    Shipping and Damaging: Advice to Uke Buyers, Shippers, and Case Retailers

    First point. Delivery people. WTF? If a package is marked FRAGILE, please don't kick it. Second point: Uke Sellers. WTF? If you're shipping a uke, please package the Hell out of it. You know delivery people kick our ukes. Cardboard really isn't as strong as you seem to think. Third...
  3. HoldinCoffee

    BAS: Cedar Bari? Koa Bari? Anyone...?

    Sometimes it seems like baritone ukulele are the hardest ukes to buy. Tenors, concerts and sopranos come in all sorts of varieties, made from fancy woods with plenty of bells and whistles to choose from. Bari, not so much. It seems like you get two choices of baritone uku, mahogany or...
  4. HoldinCoffee

    God, Atheism, and a Baritone Ukulele

    ~link removed~
  5. HoldinCoffee

    Are you watching KappaDanielson?

    I've been watching KappaDanielson on YT for a while now, she rocks the house with maximum righteousness: I could watch her videos all day, everyday!
  6. HoldinCoffee

    Woodshed's Strumming eBook Is OuT!

    I found out just last night that Woodshed's, long awaited e-book, Ukulele Strumming, is finally completed and available at his site Its a good read, with a TON of extras, video samples, exercises and stuff. Ok, Imma go read and practice strumming... what do you think I do all day, post messages?
  7. HoldinCoffee

    HELP NEEDED: Tuning a Baritone or How NOT to Break a Bari

    I can't believe I'm having such a problem with this... but I need some help here... WICKED BAD! ~Baritone (Mahalo) ~Aquila DGBE (wound D and G) Strung it up, slapped on the chromatic tuner, as soon as the needle said I hit the required note, I moved on to the next string. When I was done, I...
  8. HoldinCoffee

    You, as a Uker, Learn Piano From a Guitarist.

    Perhaps this belongs in the guitar section but its really about the experience of music. Pat Matino Interview: *practice *exposure *connsonacnce *dissonance *memory *piano lessons? These videos are...
  9. HoldinCoffee

    Mahalo Baritone U320B: A Review

    The Mahalo baritone, U320B is an inexpensive baritone. The tuners are comprised of black plastic knobs with gold painted metal posts. It has a black Nubone nut and Nubone compensated saddle. The strings came GCEA with wound G and C strings. Although the product description listed an arched...
  10. HoldinCoffee

    Ever order ukes off

    I'm nervous:uhoh: The only thing I ever ordered from Amazon was a book and they screwed up at the warehouse. Eventually I got what I ordered, but it took some doing. So I've been looking for a cheap baritone and ended up ordering one off amazon. Later, I noticed the product dimensions were...
  11. HoldinCoffee is (not) closing! is CLOSING! That WICKED sucks! Now I'll NEVER master the clawhammer :( EDIT: God bless us, EVERYONE!
  12. HoldinCoffee

    Ray Charles in rare street performance!

    Ray ROCKS in this unlikely trio! I GOT A SONG
  13. HoldinCoffee

    EBAY Delivery Insurance Policy?

    Question for you Ebay Heroes When a seller opts to insure an item with USPS, and you pay with PayPal, does PayPal hold the payment until the delivery is made? I just purchased an uke and of course, I'm anxious to receive it! Well I get a notice from the seller stating that PayPal is not going...
  14. HoldinCoffee

    QUESTION: vocal range and ukulele size

    I have a tenor singing voice. Is there some basic thoery on pairing a singing voice with an ukulele? For instance, does the tenor human require a tenor ukulele as accompaniment? Or does the tenor human voice seek a soprano ukulele for constrast? I know, I know, it depends on the song. But...
  15. HoldinCoffee

    Dearest Ukulele Underground:

    Each and every one of you reek of awesomeness. Thank you all for making this such wealth of information and fun. I owe many thanks to many people here, the founders of this site, the long time members and even the NOOBS. All of you have been an inspiration in many ways. Some of you have...
  16. HoldinCoffee

    Systematic Analysis of Worth vs Aquila Vs D'Addario (or Frankenuke)

    Kala 15S (named Fiona) with Aquila strings: Sounded 'nice' Lanikai LSM-Concert (Named Roxxy) with GHS strings. Sounded 'chunky' and dull. I bought three sets of strings for the LSM-C figuring I'd do the ol Pepsi challenge and settle the debate longstanding as to Worth vs D'Addario vs Aquila...
  17. HoldinCoffee

    Show some love? This is a vid by a close personal friend. Made me cry, in a good way. Show some UU love! Thanks :bowdown: HC