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  1. unrealdark

    Identifyng a Vintage Martin ukulele

    Someone is selling this but he doesnt know anything about it. There is a strange code/serial. Can you give me any detail? Thanx.
  2. unrealdark

    Loprinzi Koa Tenor Model D on my way

    From today I am a proud owner of a 'mint' used Loprinzi ukulele. Signed by Donna and Augustino (2009). I will have to wait 7 to 10 days to play it and compare it with my Kanile'a Tenor K1. I'm curious about how these two will be different. If you have any recommendations (strings for example)...
  3. unrealdark

    I got a old Banjolele (Jedson). Any info?

    I have no idea about banjoleles at all. I got this impulsively last week. :cool: Can you say me anything, please? Adding seller images... :confused:
  4. unrealdark

    Soprano Martin Style 2 mahogany. No vintage. 2012

    A friend has asked me to make him an offer for his Martin. It is in very good condition. Hard case included. What would be a fair price? I have no idea. Thank you!
  5. unrealdark

    Kanilea K1 Tenor Nut/Saddle spare

    Any place to buy spare? Thank you!
  6. unrealdark

    Old ukelele unkown

    Does anyone know anything about this old ukulele? :confused: Thank you!
  7. unrealdark

    WTB a quality soprano (Europe)

    I am considering buying another quality soprano (in good conditions). I have a wonderful Ken Timms (mahogany) style 0 and I look for a different voice (Koaloha for example). Any other suggestions are welcome. Please, PM me if you are interested. Thank you!
  8. unrealdark

    Kalei Gamiao: "Paukauila"

    Where can I buy/get this beauty song (tab)? That would be great! Any help is appreciated. Kalei's music is a miracle. Thanks.
  9. unrealdark

    All my gratitude to Mr Ken Timms

    I thank him for the way he treated me when I needed to have my ukulele revised. He is such a great professional! I'm really grateful and happy to have bought my uke. Thank you so much!
  10. unrealdark

    Me and my new Ohana sopranissimo

    No comments. Lol.
  11. unrealdark

    Another String Thread: Ken Timms and Moku

    Recently I changed strings of my recovered Ohana Sk-38. I replaced Aquila with Martin M600 and I liked it more. My style is mainly fingerpicking. I prefer warmer than bright sounds. I play spanish guitar so gauge, Low-G or tension is not a problem. I want to restring my Ken Timms (soprano) and...
  12. unrealdark

    WTB: Luna Fauna Dolphin Concert (Europe)

    I would like to make a gift to a friend. Thanks.
  13. unrealdark


    I only want to say: Nothing Compares To you, Ken Timms. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Timms. Perfect! :music:
  14. unrealdark

    Sopran Koaloha Opio or Ken Timms style 0?

    I have recently sold my beautiful Ohana sk38 because a friend of mine fell madly in love with it. Now I'm searching for another sopran. Ken or koaloha or ... X? Thank you.
  15. unrealdark

    WTB: Ohana SK-38 or KoAloha Opio or similar (Soprano) (Europe)

    :drool: I'm from Spain. Thank you!
  16. unrealdark

    About hollow Bridge

    Dear. A friend of mine recently bought a ukulele tenor: top solid cedar. The problem is tha just under the bridge, central area, there is a hollow. Its difficult to capture with cam but it feels to the touch perfectly. The fact is seller said her that its normal in this kind of wood. That...
  17. unrealdark

    Buying soprano and tenor

    Hi everyone. I played both classical and flamenco guitar last years. Now I want to play ukulele. :cool: I need a soprano and Tenor ukelele. 1) I 've been offered a Moku -MS- 60T. 180€ new condition. A friend of mine won an auction from Germany last month: ebay. But do not like the size. He...
  18. unrealdark

    A new one

    Greetings to all from Seville, Andalucia, Spain. It's a pleasure to be part of this community. I hope to learn a lot from all of you and contribute what little I know. Thank you. ;)