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    WTB/WTT Famous/Kiwaya FLS/KLS long neck soprano or Famous FS-0 thin body soprano

    Looking for a lightweight, take anywhere, laminate or solid top instrument. Friction tuners mildly preferred, but not required. Instruments needing some TLC welcome! I have SEVERAL trade options since I'm long overdue to start selling. Or I could just send you money. :-) Let me know what...
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    WTB/WTT Famous/Kiwaya thin-body LN Soprano

    Looking for a super lightweight, thin body, long neck soprano. I just love the casual feeling I get from a super light instrument in my hands. It doesn't feel fragile or delicate to me. It feels fun. Am I on the right track? I know Famous makes a thin body and a long neck. Do they make a thin...
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    WTB Ohana SK-30L (or other tenor neck soprano?)

    Title probably says it all. I also have some potential trades. Let me know what you might want, cash or otherwise. Thanks!
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    WTB Blackbird Farallon with radius (or BTU)

    Hi all! I’m hoping to get a fair used price and find out what all the fuss is about! :-) I definitely want the radius fretboard. I’m flexible on soundport or pickup. I don’t want sunburst or fretboard markers. I’d consider a BTU too. I’ve got a few potential trades and my herd could use...
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    Ohana BK-20CE baritone owners?

    I bought a used uke a while ago (from a pawn shop on eBay for a great price) and I want to confirm that the nut is not original. It was my first baritone so I wasn't confident at first that it was problematic and I would want it replaced. It looks like maybe they wanted more space between the...
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    Ubass for $150-300: used Kala vs new Hadean vs new Oscar Schmidt?

    I've been coveting a ubass for a while now. I played a new Kala in-store and I've been keeping an eye out on eBay for a good used deal ever since but now I'm also considering a new Hadean or Oscar Schmidt. So, two questions: (1) Has anyone played any of the new Oscar Schmidt uke basses...