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  1. RPAtech

    OFF MARKET 1970s/80s Kamaka White Label Soprano,

    It does seem like Sopranos in general don't move quickly. I figured it would be different since here in Japan, the Soprano is preferred.
  2. RPAtech

    NUD: Kiwaya/Luna LS-4 Martin Style O copy

    What a great find!
  3. RPAtech

    One Uke Only

    It would be difficult to have only one for me. My reason for feeling this way is the differences in sound. I like Soprano and Tenor ukuleles so I go back and forth between them. I could go down to two ukuleles though and be happy. If I had to choose just two, it would be my Kiwaya Tenor (I...
  4. RPAtech


    Japanese 7-11 stores are another level.
  5. RPAtech

    FS: 2019 Koaloha Soprano -- Price drop!

    Really nice looking ukulele. I like the grain of the koa. I've recently bought a KoAloha soprano, and have begun to fall in love with the sound of mine. Good luck with your sale. -Mitch
  6. RPAtech

    the greatest 2 chord song ever written

    I didn't have my ukulele handy at the time I first heard it, but I've been singing that song all evening and playing those chord changes. I love your version of this song! I'm going to learn to play and sing this song myself thanks to you. I've been working on singing and playing, so this song...
  7. RPAtech

    the greatest 2 chord song ever written

    I enjoyed listening to that. Thank you.
  8. RPAtech

    My Current "Workbooks"

    Ripock, Thank you for outlining your approach. That's very helpful. I'm going to try that myself.
  9. RPAtech

    I don't think this is cool at all

    T That's exactly what I was thinking.
  10. RPAtech

    Kanilea K1 Tenor Ukulele Natural Finish PRICE DROP!

    Great price for a Kanile'a Tenor. I imagine this will go fast since Tenors are highly favored her. Good luck with your sale. Is that an ebony fretboard & bridge? I love the dark contrast against that natural finish.
  11. RPAtech

    NUD- Kiwaya baby uke!

    Thanks Jim, I was really curious about that. I'd say that is a great deal for any ukulele coming from Japan. For reference, ¥10,000 is about $75 USD. If they are packaging it with that level of care for they shipping amount they are charging, more people should consider taking advantage of...
  12. RPAtech

    NUD- Kiwaya baby uke!

    I agree. That series of ukuleles is great!
  13. RPAtech

    NUD- Kiwaya baby uke!

    Was your ukulele packaged in anything other than the standard box? I'm curious how heavily packaged a ukulele needs to be in order to arrive safely. Just in case I ever end up shipping one. Thank you.
  14. RPAtech

    NUD- Kiwaya baby uke!

    It's mainly due to the shipping cost. If I buy a Kiwaya here in Japan and shipped it to the US it would probably add about $80 to the cost. That's just an estimate on my part; I haven't shipped an ukulele. Considering I'd need to repack it to ensure it wasn't damaged in transit, I'm guessing it...
  15. RPAtech

    My Introduction

    안 녕 하 세 요! Welcome aboard.
  16. RPAtech

    UU which ads are shown to you!

    I get the ads for Trump coins and Japanese ukulele ads. Maybe soon I'll get to see an ad for a coin with Trump playing an ukulele.
  17. RPAtech

    SOLD: 2020 Kamaka HF-3 w/MiSi

    Veritas, you always have those sweet backyard ukulele pics. It's dangerous for my wallet to click on your posts. 😄 Good luck with the sale.
  18. RPAtech

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    That's cool! 😊
  19. RPAtech

    Uketropolis (James Hill) "Uke Week"

    I'm thinking of getting that one too. I'm currently taking his Ukulele way course, but getting his Jazz course may prove hard to resist.
  20. RPAtech

    New Strings

    Ripock, Here's a screen shot from the back of an Orcas package. I wasn't sure if you aware of all of their string options.